• 02:50 HelpMeChooseBenefits


    February 3, 2023

    Help Me Choose Benefits is an online tool that recommends a personalized package of employer-provided benefits to employees based on responses to a few simple questions. Transcription: What is He...

  • 01:45 Elektra Health

    Elektra Health

    February 2, 2023

    Elektra Health pairs evidence-based expertise and personalized virtual care with peer support to transform how women navigate their health post-fertility. Transcription: What is Elektra Health? ...

  • 02:55  Nightingale Virtual Respiratory Care

    Nightingale Virtual Respiratory Care

    February 2, 2023

    Nightingale Virtual Respiratory Care saves employers and payers money by helping people with asthma and/or COPD have fewer attacks/flare-ups, improving quality of life for them and their families. ...

  • 02:37 Summus


    January 27, 2023

    Summus is pioneering a new vertical in virtual care, called virtual specialty care. We focus on specialty care because that is where most of the cost and complexity lives within healthcare. Trans...

  • 02:39 First Stop Health

    First Stop Health

    January 20, 2023

    FSH is a holistic virtual care company that connects members to physical & behavioral health clinicians in a quality, quick and cost-effective way for both their families and the employer. Tra...

  • 02:54 freshbenies


    January 19, 2023

    freshbenies cuts healthcare costs & confusion. One engagement platform combines tools such as Advocacy, Expert Medical Opinion, Telehealth, Virtual Primary Care, Savings Networks & more. T...

  • 02:50 Garten Wellbeing

    Garten Wellbeing

    January 16, 2023

    Garten offers a wellbeing platform that brings nutritious snacks, meals, drinks and wellbeing practices to the workplace through micro-kitchens, micro-markets, catering, Snack from Home boxes &...

  • 02:42 Paytient


    January 12, 2023

    Paytient is the creator of Health Payment Accounts, an interest-free line of credit for healthcare costs. Paytient works with employers, insurers, and providers to help people access and afford car...

  • 02:37 Regenexx, LLC

    Regenexx, LLC

    January 11, 2023

    Regenexx is an orthopedic surgery alternative benefit for self funded employers. We can reduce the need for up to 70% of elective surgeries, cost, missed work, rehab, and medication use. Transcrip...

  • 02:47 Sonic Boom Wellness

    Sonic Boom Wellness

    January 11, 2023

    Sonic Boom Wellness infuses wellbeing into your team's daily workflow, meeting employees where they are with realistic, sustainable, behavior-based technology solutions to help build better habits....

  • 02:38 ZERO Health

    ZERO Health

    January 10, 2023

    Employers work hard to offer great health coverage, but not everyone can afford to use it. How do we eliminate economic barriers to care? Transcription: What is ZERO Health? Yeah, so let me pai...

  • 02:15 UCM Digital Health

    UCM Digital Health

    January 6, 2023

    UCM Digital Health provides millions of patients with on-demand virtual and in-person care from a team of multi-disciplinary providers who triage and treat any health concern. Transcription: What...

  • 02:57 Virta Health

    Virta Health

    January 6, 2023

    Virta Health helps people reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions. Transcription: What is Virta Health? So Virta Health is a telehealth organization that offers a treatment to rever...

  • 02:21 LYLA


    January 6, 2023

    LYLA's reimagined EAP is transforming the workplace. By combining AI & an empathetic human touch, LYLA offers solutions to improve the lives of employees & reduce spend compared to traditio...

  • 02:49 Benefit Disruptors

    Benefit Disruptors

    December 27, 2022

    The only total health benefits solution, designed specifically to meet the needs of employers & employees, in high turn-over, hourly wage industries, such as restaurants, with $0 out of pocket ...

  • 02:53 WellNet Healthcare

    WellNet Healthcare

    December 20, 2022

    WellNet fixes the unaffordable healthcare mess – for companies & their people – by combating vested carrier interests, building smarter self-funded solutions & optimizing the employee exper...

  • 02:46 Evive


    December 13, 2022

    Evive is a digital engagement and communications platform combining personalized, data-driven messaging + an integrated digital benefits hub to drive members to the “right benefit at the right time...

  • 02:21 Nanniest


    December 13, 2022

    Nanniest provides childcare recruiting support services for working parents as part of corporate benefit plans. Transcription: What is Nanniest? So, Nanniest is a childcare benefits provider. We...

  • 02:20 Beam Benefits

    Beam Benefits

    December 8, 2022

    Beam Benefits is a digitally-native employee benefits company offering dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental health plans that are easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to us...

  • 02:09 DiRx


    December 2, 2022

    America's 1st digital pharmacy with a 'direct-from-manufacturer' sourcing model, eliminating middlemen (drug wholesalers & PBMs), enabling HUGE cost savings for employers, plan managers & b...

  • 02:43 Flimp Communications

    Flimp Communications

    December 1, 2022

    We provide virtual communications solutions including software, decision-support tools, workforce texting and interactive digital content to employers, consultants, carriers, and providers. Trans...

  • 02:47 Marathon Health

    Marathon Health

    December 1, 2022

    We simplify healthcare for employers by combining independent primary care with value-driven population health management to deliver healthier members and meaningful savings. Transcription: What ...

  • 02:19 Forma


    November 29, 2022

    Forma’s flexible benefits software helps companies offer competitive benefits packages while reducing costs and inefficiencies, by offering employees more choice and flexibility. Transcription: W...

  • 02:36 Slingshot Bills

    Slingshot Bills

    November 18, 2022

    Slingshot automatically monitors medical claims for errors, and then works as an automated patient advocate to reduce the claims for the patient and self funded employer. Transcription: What is S...

  • 02:49 Partners MGU

    Partners MGU

    November 18, 2022

    We built our business around a simple philosophy as it relates to stop-loss: create strong producer partnerships through transparency, customer service and innovation. Transcription: What is Part...

  • 02:53 Frame Fertility

    Frame Fertility

    November 11, 2022

    Frame is the first and only proactive family building & fertility solution that results in better health outcomes, lower costs and greater peace of mind for employees and employers (95 sat scor...

  • 02:34 SmartShopper


    November 11, 2022

    Meet SmartShopper, a service that helps employees find and get the care they need. We do the legwork to make decisions clear and simple, saving employees and employers time and money in the process...

  • 02:18 GenuineShift


    November 9, 2022

    GenuineShift provides unbiased business consulting & proprietary programs such as our Client Service Academy for insurance brokers of all sizes. More growth. Less firefighting. Create contrast....

  • 02:38 Angle Health

    Angle Health

    November 3, 2022

    Angle Health is a full-stack carrier offering a digital-first health plan experience to brokers, employers, and members with frictionless quoting, management, and access in UT|TX|AZ|OH|IN|SC|MO|GA ...

  • 02:25 Integrated Source One

    Integrated Source One

    November 3, 2022

    We are an innovative direct healthcare model that works to reduce the burden of healthcare expenses for both employers and employees, all while delivering customizable and unlimited services 24/7/3...

  • 02:36 myTrueMD


    November 1, 2022

    The nation’s first employee health plan that offers long-term cost control & stability for employers & an integrated, holistic experience for members. myTrueMD is Powered by True Captive In...

  • 02:06 Green Imaging

    Green Imaging

    November 1, 2022

    National preferred network for medical imaging and diagnostic services offering 60% savings and 5 star concierge service. Transcription: What is Green Imaging? We are one national provider of hi...

  • 02:07 PerfectQuote


    October 31, 2022

    Our platform drives fast, accurate results when selecting benefit plans for an agency and their clients. Our differentiator is our proprietary tool that reads all carrier proposals. Transcriptio...

  • 02:33 Asterias Health

    Asterias Health

    October 31, 2022

    An innovative direct primary care solution that dramatically reduces the cost of an employer sponsored on-site clinic while offering exceptional patient experience. Transcription: What is Asteria...

  • 02:35 ReviveHealth


    October 28, 2022

    Our integrated, advanced digital and in-person health care solutions are breaking down barriers and expanding access to timely, affordable medical care, mental health care and medications. Transcr...

  • 02:23 Torchlight


    October 28, 2022

    We are a company sponsored employee benefit for Caregivers. Using a hybrid approach that is digital first with backend human support, we address the needs of caregivers for both Elder and Childcare...

  • 02:43 Airbo


    October 27, 2022

    Benefits Engagement Platform that makes benefits communications easy for HR and fun for employees. Our all-in-one platform delivers best-practice campaigns that feel more like Instagram than Outloo...

  • 02:45 Empathy


    October 27, 2022

    Empathy was created with one mission in mind: to help families deal with loss. With a combination of technology and human support, Empathy helps with all the logistical challenges after a loss. Tr...

  • 02:35 The Difference Health Plan

    The Difference Health Plan

    October 25, 2022

    The Difference Health Plan provides mid-market employers access to multiple national networks, transparent care navigation solutions and a pass through pharmacy pricing with 100% rebate share! Tra...

  • 02:55 MedEncentive


    October 24, 2022

    MedEncentive solves the problem of low member self-management through information therapy and the trusted doctor-patient relationship, reducing ER visits, hospitalizations and per capita costs. Tr...

  • 02:32 Radish Health

    Radish Health

    October 21, 2022

    Radish Health is a healthcare platform that partners with employers to deliver integrated primary care and mental health services to employees. Transcription: What is Radish Health? So who we ar...

  • 02:58 Sunny Day Fund

    Sunny Day Fund

    October 20, 2022

    Sunny Day Fund automates & rewards employees' savings behavior, driving financial health & protecting retirement savings. 50-60% take-up, $1,060 in annualized savings, and ~25% higher reten...

  • 02:56 TruHu


    October 20, 2022

    Employee engagement and communication challenges, solved! Open enrollment, HR, safety, and benefits communication -- all in one place. No app download. Easy access via text or email for everyone. ...

  • 02:52 Pathways At Work

    Pathways At Work

    October 19, 2022

    Our at work programs led by licensed clinicians offer customized webinars, small groups, training, tools, and other resources to help employees manage their mental health and emotional well-being. ...

  • 02:53 Samaritan Fund Program

    Samaritan Fund Program

    October 19, 2022

    We find alternative solutions other than the employer group plan for people with serious conditions, helping them in their time of need and saving the company the cost of their claims. Transcripti...

  • 02:49 Goldfinch Health

    Goldfinch Health

    October 17, 2022

    Goldfinch Health helps companies save money on surgery without restricting provider choice. Transcription: What is Goldfinch Health? Goldfinch Health helps companies save money on surgery withou...

  • 02:48 True Rx Health Strategists

    True Rx Health Strategists

    October 17, 2022

    TrueRx is a family run, pharmacist-led Pharmacy Benefit Manager. We provide ethical, transparent and patient focused programs with clinical solutions that put patients first and drive employer savi...

  • 02:35 Carepath Benefits

    Carepath Benefits

    October 17, 2022

    We are a level-funded group health plan that is designed to bring large group, self-funded benefits to small and mid-sized employers. Transcription: What is Carepath Benefits? Carepath Benefits ...