achi assists employers in identifying the main basic human life needs in their employee population and partners with them to develop proactive interventions to address those needs.


What is achi?

achi is a health ally for employers and their employees. We know that up to 80% of a person's health and wellbeing is affected by external issues known as the social determinants of health. These factors such as financial security, reliable transportation, sufficient childcare, dealing with aging parents, and more, affect how a person shows up to work mentally, physically, and emotionally. Whether an employee is stressed about financial burdens and not able to focus at work, is frequently tardy, or begins calling off, or is on the verge of quitting because of childcare issues, we help identify the root cause of the problem and work on collaborative solutions. This leads to a reduction in medical expenses and turnover and increased engagement and production.

How is achi different?

We firmly believe that when employees are healthy and thriving, so is the organization. That's why we utilize a proactive, data-driven approach to identify those life stressors before they reach crisis level and affect the health of the employee and productivity on the job. Each person is unique and understanding their story is key to determining the best path forward. Our achi Hope Hub Specialists engage with employees to develop creative solutions and connect them to our network of local resources when needed. We function as an extension of the HR and management teams allowing them to focus on their other job duties. However, we stay closely aligned with these teams providing education and insight on employee issues and ensuring that all levels of the organization are committed to the common company goals. We constantly evolve and build new partnerships to stay in front of employees' ever-changing needs.

Who is a good fit for achi?

We often work with self-insured employers, but organizations of any size that know culture is more than just a buzzword and want to take employee care to the next level are a great fit. We know that pizza parties and cupcakes don't reduce turnover. Truly caring for employees as human beings creates loyalty that can last a lifetime. There's no one size fits all program and we strive to build solutions that work for each unique organization and employee population. We're here to uncover the barriers that keep a workforce from thriving and to help each company reach its core goals.

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Duration: 02:29

Posted: Friday, March 24, 2023

Video tags: 101 - 250 EEs, 251 - 500 EEs, 501 - 1000 EEs