Upland Advocacy

Upland Advocacy is a financial assistance support company addressing the challenge of medical debt running rampant in our country today.


What is Upland Advocacy?

Upland Advocacy is a financial assistance support company addressing the challenge of medical debt running rampant in our country today. Even those with a health plan are not able to afford their out-of-pocket costs and high deductibles. In addition, the stress of medical debt is driving behavior where one in three people are delaying medical care as they don't believe they can afford their portion of the bill. Upland harnesses the power of 501R mandates found in the Affordable Care Act. Nonprofit hospitals receive billions of dollars in tax credits from the government, and in return, they're required to provide free or discounted care to their communities. Upland is holding hospitals accountable so they provide the deserved relief to eligible patients.

How is Upland Advocacy different?

Upland meets employees where they are in their medical journey. Our passion is to connect people with financial support they deserve so they can get the medical care they need. We start by listening to employees and their families. We identify where relief is available and the best path forward. We build rapport quickly and offer support in three key areas, depending on their needs. First, we can bring the most help with financial assistance. We identify the financial assistance program, help an eligible employee apply and walk them through the process. Second, if the employee is not eligible for financial assistance or it's past the timeline to apply, our advocates are trained with all the skills to negotiate on the employee's behalf. Last, 50 million people are in collections due to medical debt in the United States. Our advocates ensure that employees understand their rights and move their claims to resolution, potentially removing the financial burden from their shoulders.

Who is a good fit for Upland Advocacy?

Upland is agnostic to the underlying health plan that our clients have in place. We integrate well with high deductible self-funded health plans, reference-based pricing plans, fully insured plans, and PPO networks where employees cannot afford the high cost of insurance. Upland Advocacy will support all employees of a population. We find those most in need of bill relief are the part-timers and employees not on the health plan. Our target industries include hospitality, food and beverage, construction and manufacturing. The profile of an ideal client is a maternal employer who wants to help their employees with medical debt and collection support. Hospital bill relief is available in all 50 states. Upland Advocacy can work with any group size in addition to associations, captives, nonprofits and block rollovers to make relief available to employees who need it most.

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Posted: Friday, April 28, 2023

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