TextCare provides concierge medicine for all. Text, talk with, or see a provider, 24/7 in under 5 minutes.


What is TextCare?

TextCare is concierge medicine for all. Telehealth is a complete disappointment, a client recently told us. The antiquated user experience, long wait times, and disappointing utilization. Worst of all, employees are still going to the ER when they shouldn't, and feel completely overwhelmed when they need care. That's why we built TextCare. Text messaging is the most widely used form of communication worldwide. TextCare couples the efficiency of text with our handpicked outstanding clinicians to offer an inclusive concierge medicine experience. There's a dedicated phone number by employer, and employees are given the option to simply text to initiate care, respond to a welcome message like the one to the right, or use secure chat if they choose. It's really that easy. 24/7 coverage, response times in under five minutes, and continuous active follow up from the provider they saw. Our patients have used TextCare to get prescriptions, avoid the ER, manage chronic conditions, schedule low cost labs, imaging, and specialist visits.

How is TextCare different?

It's affordable. Similar concierge medicine or DPC practices range from 65 to over 300 bucks a month for an individual. We offer on demand access to high quality care for the entire household for about what you pay for Netflix. Use TextCare once, and it's paid for itself for the year. Our providers collaborate and chart within a proprietary HIPAA-compliant and secure desktop workflow. Compassionate providers that are focused on you, not billing insurance. And employees love TextCare. They're using it often. A mid-market client is trending towards 77% annual engagement. That's nearly 10 times of what their previous virtual care solution was. Here's a personal example with my daughter. We were frequent users this summer, with a response time in under five minutes, the provider checking back on us the next day. There's peace of mind, convenience, and quality care. That's a winning combination.

Who is a good fit for TextCare?

Honestly, show me an employer that doesn't wanna reduce their plan spend. We all want precious time back in our day and the ability to avoid out-of-pocket expenses. Everyone deserves a more convenient, fair priced and efficient healthcare experience. TextCare is the answer. It'll be offered across the country in 2023, and we're already active in nearly a dozen markets. Consultants and clients agree this is the most exciting thing they've seen in years. Everyone deserves access to high quality care, concierge medicine experience for all.

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Duration: 02:54

Posted: Monday, September 19, 2022

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