BowTie Medical

BowTie Health Guardianship attacks waste in the "sick care" system. We combine DPC AND concierge to create one integrated care experience for members that delivers improved quality & reduced costs.


What is BowTie Medical?

Thanks, Chris. BowTie delivers health guardianship, which is designed to eliminate the excessive waste found in the current healthcare system. We achieve this by combining DPC, concierge, and Telehealth that creates one integrated care team that delivers one integrated care experience. Our care team is centered around primary care physicians and nurses. They're supported by specialists, mental health counselors, and health coaches. This enables a primary care team to coordinate all member care and avoid unnecessary expensive care through specialists. Every member is assigned their own personal advocate called the Health Guardian. That's their one-stop shop for all healthcare questions, and the Health Guardians are there to make it easier for members to make better educated decisions. They work on the member's behalf. They're armed with well researched, high quality solutions for care. We deliver care where it's needed, not where it's convenient for the physicians, meaning virtual first, facilities as needed. If in-person care is required, the Health Guardian steps in. They listen to your needs. They research and present convenient, high quality solutions for you to choose from. And finally, we use cash payments, direct contracts, and other innovative ways to garner the best discounts possible on needed care.

How is BowTie Medical different?

It starts with our mission. We wake up every day with a goal to eliminate the waste that's in healthcare. We want to provide great primary care, but that's not what it's all about. And we are able to deliver the experience through our care team. We strive for high participation rates. We want to ensure every member of your population works with our physicians. That allows us to protect the employees and you as the employer from the waste in healthcare. We constantly invest in member engagement, leveraging annual visits, onsite guardians, member messaging, and financial incentives. We evaluate what is and isn't working, adjust our approach, and finally, we guarantee our results to ensure you achieve CAA compliance with your health plan.

Who is a good fit for BowTie Medical?

Well, we want employers who are philosophically aligned with health guardianship. Ones that expect results, not just activity, and they want to take control of their healthcare costs. They're willing to embrace something a bit different, including self-funding. They're willing to communicate the why to their employees and engage them in solving the problem of escalating healthcare costs while improving the quality of service they receive. And finally, they want a partner whom they can trust to deliver results. If this sounds interesting to you, please visit and schedule a meeting with us to discuss more.

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Posted: Monday, January 8, 2024

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