Aware Health

We're a virtual musculoskeletal care provider that reduces inappropriate images, injections and surgeries through accurate diagnostics. We cut MSK costs in half for self-funded employers.


What is Aware Health?

Thanks Chris, so Aware Health is a virtual diagnostic and treatment center for musculoskeletal health and lifestyle medicine. We know that the majority of elective orthopedic images, injections and surgeries are inappropriate to use as a first line of defense in MSK injuries and most of that stems from a lack of diagnostic rigor. And so it's our mission to provide direct access to world-class providers who can make an accurate diagnosis and then use precision treatment to ensure that we're delivering the right treatment to the right patient. So on the diagnostic side, our clinical engine really standardizes the most modern research to make sure that we're uncovering all the causative factors of pain and getting the diagnosis right, and then no two people will have the same treatment plan. So we really believe in this customized, personalized approach to MSK care.

How is Aware Health different?

Yeah, so when we look at the market, we think about it through the lens of scale. So how many people can you reach and then personalization. So some of the traditional players like your PCP or traditional PT aren't going to be able to reach a lot of people at once because you have to drive there. They're in person, a little bit more inconvenient. And then when we think of some of the more modern solutions to MSK, there are these technology-led virtual care providers who are really focused on wearables or computer vision technology, really helping you with your form at home. So they're sort of taking that in-clinic experience and replicating it at home. Where we're focused is more upstream on the diagnostic end. So we are taking all of the most modern research and we're baking it into our products so that we're standardizing and making sure that the diagnosis is correct, and then we're personalizing that treatment plan to make sure that it's the right treatment for that individual.

Who is a good fit for Aware Health?

So any mid-market employers or benefit consultants who work with mid-market employers who are struggling with MSK are a good fit for us. So some benchmarks. If your MSK spend is more than 10% of your total medical spend, and your PMPM is above $30 for musculoskeletal claims, you should be talking to us. From a clinical methodology perspective, if you believe that each person's pain experience is unique and that diagnosing the root cause of pain is really important for sustainable change and that precision treatment is the future, then you will align with the way that we treat patients. We put all of our fees at risk, so at worst, our customers are revenue neutral, but in most cases, we're saving 30 to 50% on their musculoskeletal costs.

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Duration: 02:58

Posted: Friday, April 5, 2024

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