MakoRx Complete Care is a monthly subscription-based health membership including 300+ medicines for free, 24/7 virtual urgent care, Virtual mental health, in-person annual physicals and labs.


What is MakoRx?

MakoRx is a non-traditional pharmacy benefits administrator and a healthcare services company. Our pharmacy benefits model is a wholesale cost plus pricing at over 18,000 local pharmacies and a net cost formulary with savings programs eliminating employer dependence on rebates. Our healthcare services include in-pharmacy clinical services through our Care Connect platform, like test and treat for flu and strep at your local pharmacy. We also have a subscription program for health plans with Complete Care. Our goal is to transform traditional healthcare, making it more affordable and accessible for patients and to also support local, independent pharmacies so they can remain competitive with increasing vertical integration in healthcare.

How is MakoRx different?

Our subscription health plans really set MakoRx apart. One of the main gaps in healthcare today is the growing burden of out-of-pocket costs to patients even with traditional insurance. Prescription drug costs continue to rise and put pressure on families to choose between medication and other basic needs. With the increase in high-deductible health plans, even families with traditional coverage have a hard time paying for healthcare. What makes Complete Care so versatile is that it can help people who have no coverage access basic medical services and help those with coverage lower out-of-pocket costs. Our three monthly plan options give people choice to find services that match their needs. Our Bronze Plan includes over 300 free medicines at local pharmacies, and for everything else, wholesale cost plus pricing. Our Silver Plan includes everything in Bronze, plus access to virtual urgent care and virtual mental health. Our Gold Plan includes everything in Silver and Bronze plus access to an in-person annual physical with labs, all at no cost to the member, and this supports access to virtual primary care on our Gold Plan as well.

Who is a good fit for MakoRx?

So MakoRx has adopted a channel partner approach. Our three main products fit into a variety of potential partner offerings and I'll highlight a few here. Direct Primary Care. We have a special pharmacy membership program for those patients that use Direct Primary Care and for Direct Primary Care practices, and brokers and health plans can offer our Complete Care program for employees that don't qualify for, you know, 1099 workers or part-time employees, and our pharmacy benefit administrative services.

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Posted: Friday, September 8, 2023

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