ReviveHealth is virtual WHOLE PERSON care. -- Virtual Primary Care -- Virtual Urgent Care -- Virtual Mental Health -- Free Tier 1 Generic Drugs All for a low monthly membership fee.


What is ReviveHealth?

ReviveHealth is virtual whole person care. So I want you to think about the hospital systems that are in your area. I'm in the Austin, Texas area, and we have Seton Hospitals. So Seton can take care of you from a primary care standpoint. It can take care of you from an urgent care standpoint. Mental health, physical therapy, psychiatry. You can get your prescription drugs there. ReviveHealth takes care of virtual whole person care. Just about anything you need, we can do it from the comfort of your desk or your house.

How is ReviveHealth different?

We're pretty different. There's not much on the market right now that is like ReviveHealth, mainly because we can do all of what I just said. We can do it without any cost to the employee. So no copays, no deductibles, no crazy fees. You can get access to a doctor within hours instead of within days or weeks. On a specialist instead of months, we can get you in within five to seven days. It is, it's an amazing product. It's a product that people more and more are asking for within their groups and their benefit plans. And so we're different because we can provide all of these things in one really great solution.

Who is a good fit for ReviveHealth?

Well, any group who is looking to cut spend. You see, and especially on the self-funded side, right? So we typically see a 30 to 45% utilization of our plan within a group. And that really works for the primary care visits and urgent care. So if a group has a thousand, 2000, 3000 primary care and urgent care visits in a year, you're gonna see 30 to 45% of those. And the cost of those move from the plan over to ReviveHealth. That can amount, that can equate to some huge savings.

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Duration: 02:21

Posted: Monday, December 4, 2023

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