The American Worker

We Deliver A Great Value Perfectly Designed To Meet Your Needs For more than 20 years, The American Worker has specialized in providing insurance for hourly employee groups.


What is The American Worker?

The American Worker is at division of Fringe Benefit Group, a licensed third-party administrator out of Austin, Texas, providing full service in-house administration. Since 1992, we have specialized in providing innovative healthcare solutions for the hourly workforce. These solutions include all aspects, from product to administration to customer service. Our product portfolio includes minimum essential coverage plans, limited medical plans, minimum value plans, ICHRA, and a wide range of ancillary products. Administratively, we provide enrollment communications, maintain eligibility, claims processing, COBRA administration, and policy fulfillment.

How is The American Worker different?

Our differentiator is our administration. We know that collecting premium and administering benefits to hourly employees can be daunting to employers. Employees in this space often have inconsistent paychecks, they're transient, and a lot of times geographically dispersed, making it difficult to communicate to. The need to recruit and retain employees is at an all-time high, and employers are looking for a way to incentivize employees to stay. The American Worker has developed an administrative model that allows employers to offer valuable benefits to these employees, without overwhelming their staff. This is what that administration looks like. We hand deliver or we handle delivery of enrollment communications to your employees, and provide automation around enrollment, premium deduction, and remittance processing, all according to our client's payroll schedule. Our model creates efficiency for the employer by eliminating invoice reconciliation, taking deductions and arrears, and having to issue refunds to employees. In addition to this, we allow the employer to pay solely what is collected, eliminating any financial liability for uncollected premiums, which can often happen when coverage is administered on a traditional monthly basis with other carriers.

Who is a good fit for The American Worker?

We are a good fit for any employer with an hourly population that wants to offer low-cost, high-value coverage to their employees. We work with staffing, home healthcare companies, restaurants, you name it. We're a good fit for employers struggling with recruiting and retention. We've taken the initial model that I described earlier and been able to effectively apply it, along with a contribution strategy, that helps our clients retain and recruit talent and oftentimes find savings for themselves. We're a good fit for employers that don't have a large HR staff to administer benefits for their part-time populations. The automation we provide and the customer service team we have alleviates a lot of our work for our clients' HR team. Basically, if you're an employer struggling with finding a benefit package for your employees that isn't a headache to administer, we're a fit for you. Thanks, Chris.

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Duration: 02:58

Posted: Friday, February 17, 2023

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