HealthWallet is a member-facing benefits aggregation and engagement platform that helps brokers and benefit administrators drive utilization and more effectively engage with plan members


What Is HealthWallet?

So HealthWallet is a benefits aggregation and engagement platform that is a member-facing mobile app that helps to communicate and engage more effectively with the ultimate plan member and dependent and help to reduce the confusion associated with today's employee benefit customer experience. We do this to intentionally leverage a convenience of today's technology and everybody's fifth permanently affixed appendage, which is the mobile device in their pocket.

How is HealthWallet different?

So HealthWallet's different in a handful of ways. First, we're a very intentionally flexible and modular platform, and so that allows for our benefit partners, brokers, TPAs, consultants, payers, et cetera, to deploy relevant member-facing experience variables, ultimately down to the member if necessary. We create a lot of operating efficiencies for care navigation and administrative teams. We're also solution agnostic, and so what that ultimately means is sometimes we refer to it as a hybrid solution model as well, where our partners can leverage our integrated ecosystem of over a hundred endpoint solutions, carriers, PBMs, virtual care, et cetera. Or if they have preferred vendors and vendor partners, then we're happy to integrate theirs to keep the platform as relevant as possible for their membership. And also we do that, in terms of the market, a very cost effective way.

Who is a good fit for HealthWallet?

Good fit for HealthWallet are commercial employer groups of all sizes. Ultimately, we're partnered with brokers, TPAs, health plans, boutique payers, and other what we'll call purchasing consortiums or captives and things of that nature.

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Duration: 02:05

Posted: Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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