Yellow is an education and action platform for enhancing overall wellbeing. Our engagements are structured in 4-week long team based competitions.


What is Yellow?

So employees don't come to work in a vacuum. They bring with them the stresses of daily life which are only growing. This is leading to transactional and distant relationships, and is hindering business outcomes. Due to this, business leaders have a vested interest in supporting work-life wellbeing of employees. Moreover, studies show that employees who are burnt out and disengaged from work are two and a half times more likely to be looking for a new job. Not to mention increases in absenteeism and health costs, all to say employers need an easy and effective way to show employees it's okay to prioritize wellbeing. Yellow is a mobile-based health education platform. Our engagements are structured in four week-long team-based competitions which is enough to cover the educational basics without leaving employees bored or burdened. Each week consists of bite-sized lessons on one day, reinforced with an interactive quiz on the next, and we end each week with a challenge to take action that is relevant to that week's content. To add a bit of fun and accountability, employees participate in teams, so they can see how their team stacks up against others with an ongoing leaderboard. Yellow's educational content includes a collection of often overlooked, but important topics that we all cover, everything from financial foundations to boosting mental resilience.

How is Yellow different?

So, the idea for Yellow was born of my own pains working with wellbeing providers. I spent a decade working in employer benefits and wellbeing before starting Yellow, and throughout my career I was actually told to not focus on working with small employer groups, because they didn't bring in enough revenue. This is absolutely terrible, these are great companies who wanna support their employees but oftentimes are left out of the equation when it comes to employee wellness. Yellow's holistic offering and per participant pricing is well suited for companies of all sizes, especially small and medium sized businesses. We're also unique in that all of our engagements are team-based. Individual participation impacts team performance, so employees are motivated to engage when they know that others are relying on them. This team dynamic is also great to increase collaboration within remote work environments. Lastly, we have the ability to completely customize our engagements, meaning we can do specific content themes around health benefits education, new hire onboarding, or other important company initiatives.

Who is a good fit for Yellow?

Our clients really run the gamut in terms of size and industry. Our team handles everything from promotion, performance, and even final impact metrics. So you can be rest assured you're offering something meaningful with metrics to back it up, all to say that we are a great fit for companies looking for low cost, low overhead, and effective way to prioritize employee wellbeing, and education.

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Duration: 02:47

Posted: Saturday, May 13, 2023

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