LifeSpeak Inc.

LifeSpeak Inc. is the leading whole-person wellbeing solution for organizations. LifeSpeak's best-in-class content and expertise, empowers individuals to live their healthiest lives.


What is LifeSpeak Inc.?

So LifeSpeak Inc. is re-imagining organizational wellbeing by providing an accessible, approachable, and affordable suite of whole-person wellbeing solutions. Between searching Google and seeking clinical support, there is a gap. And employees are bombarded often with misinformation, left wanting more answers and advice they can trust. LifeSpeak is that first step into total wellbeing. We support people across all dimensions of wellbeing including mental health and resilience, fitness, nutrition, parenting and caregiving, and substance use. So individuals and their families can thrive no matter where they're at and no matter what their goals are. For organizations, LifeSpeak can tailor our wellbeing solutions to your needs. We feature an unparalleled breadth and depth of personalized content and human support, addressing the diverse preferences to meet individual preferred learning styles, including thousands of best in class resources, live events, expert-led classes created and delivered and inspired by highly trained professionals. We have over 10 million individuals and families worldwide that engage with our products, translating to improved workplace productivity and organizational performance.

How is LifeSpeak Inc. different?

We reduce point solution fatigue with our SaaS-based OneStop Shop Total Wellbeing Solution. Our products offer something for everyone through both digital education and live human support, which results in sustained engagement, which we know companies are looking for. We meet individuals wherever they're at on their personal wellbeing journey. Our caliber of world class inspirational experts address dynamic and complex wellbeing issues leading to better workplace productivity, reduced turnover and happier company cultures along with healthy employees.

Who is a good fit for LifeSpeak Inc.?

So LifeSpeak Inc. is collectively, we serve over 30 years of experience and with clients all over the world, at the enterprise level, as well as organizations including Fortune 500, companies, government agencies, health plans, insurance providers across all industries. Also, we have over 50 strategic partners that resell and embed our products including Virgin Pulse, WebMD, and Castlight.

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Posted: Friday, May 19, 2023

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