WoW Health

Largest Direct-Pay community of providers with Transparent Pricing & Nationwide Access with packages starting at $5 PEPM!
Ideal solution for those without benefits OR as a Value Add to existing plans including option for first-dollar benefit.


What is WoW Health?

So, WoW Health is a direct-pay community of medical providers. We have built a nationwide network of doctors, labs, imaging centers, procedures. And this sort of is what we call our basic package. Our goal is really, if you think about it, that no one knows the cost of any episode of care at the time of visit, and we want to bring visibility to that. So all of our providers are what we call direct-pay. You pay them at the time of service or before when you make the appointment. There are no bills or claims that are ever sent out to our members or to our employers.

How is WoW Health different?

Yeah, so what makes us different is that, you know, we've put in a couple of things that are really important. So we provide every employer, for example, with a wallet. This gives them the ability to provide a first dollar benefit. It gives them transaction records, and then really allows them the flexibility to build a customized benefit package. Or, what many of our employers do is just provide some money, right. $15 a month. Now let your employees decide how they are going to build their own plan. So we've really moved to a defined benefit type of a setup, right. So you can either add it onto an existing health plan, and Provide a better option for your employees. Or, if you may not be providing any benefits, perhaps to your part-timers, you can start at as low as $5 PEPM, right. And then we have, we go all the way up to our comprehensive packages, where we provide health shares and indemnity products and so on to provide a more comprehensive plan as well.

Who is a good fit for WoW Health.

Yeah, really everyone you know, as I mentioned. I mean, no one really knows the episode of any total cost of any episode of care, right? So if you go see a doctor, if you need a medication, how do you know how much it's gonna cost between co-pays, deductibles, co-insurances, you know, it can be quite a bit, right? So our goal is to really provide a complete continuum of care with a nationwide access for our employers and for our members through a really simple to use app. Same things can be done on a web interface as well. We have our 24-7, 365 support team that can help members as well as employers and our advocates. So our goal is to really provide that access and then you know where to go.

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Duration: 02:58

Posted: Monday, May 16, 2022

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