We are a technology-based, concierge care navigation company. Our predictive analytics and concierge platform support large and small companies, direct contracts, RBP plans, tiered benefit plans, and all other 3rd party vendors in a broker's "toolbox."


What is Alithias?

Alithias is a concierge patient advocacy company serving over 60,000 employees and 150,000 lives across the United States. It was born from a passion to help my employees navigate the confusing network of healthcare benefits, claims administration and help them find low-cost, high-quality healthcare. And we provide a full suite of patient advocacy services including answering benefits related questions reviewing and negotiating medical bills and guiding employees to high-value providers and including helping them choose the highest quality doctors.

How is Alithias different?

Well, we're a technology platform that includes predictive analytics from analyzing over a hundred million medical claims through our TPA partners to conduct research in each market to identify the highest value providers. We'll also reach out and work with our broker partners to find the high-value providers in their area and understand their quality scores. So when our program is in place, by the third year, oftentimes the average price for these shoppable procedures has declined by 30%, ensuring that our clients are getting the best value. Our advocates are often the single point of contact for our brokers and their clients. So that any question that comes to us about any of the third party solutions or broker partners offer has an answer without wondering about who to call, where to go, how to get there. It's just call Alithias, we'll answer 80% of those questions on the first call and warm transfer the member to the right place when necessary. We can support RBP, PPO tiered and incentive-based benefit plan designs. And we've got no salespeople. So we work closely with our broker partners to design and execute their unique benefit plan designs which helps them win and keep current clients.

Who is a good fit for Alithias?

Well, our client base ranges from four employees to over 8,000 employees. And we look at our clients as really our broker partners and their clients because we don't have any salespeople. It's just me working with our broker partners to identify a unique solution that will work in their marketplace. So our job is to execute that solution and really service the client, which is why we keep 90% of our clients year over year, and we guarantee savings.

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Duration: 02:52

Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2022

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