Allied National

Discover Allied's innovative plans that pay you back when your group has a healthy year. Let's discuss how your benefit plan can serve you better.


What is Allied National?

So, Allied National is the small group benefit expert. Allied National is one of the nation's oldest, most experienced third party administrators. We provide a variety of health insurance industry-related services for companies all across the country.

How is Allied National different?

What makes Allied National unique is that in addition to providing third party administrative services for other companies, Allied also offers a variety of our own innovative and customizable health plans. We've brought to market what we've identified there's a need for and what our partners have asked us for. Our suite of health plans span from a traditional PPO to a MEC plan, with a number of viable options in between. There's truly a customizable plan available to meet the needs of every agent/client relationship in the small group market. Something new that we're really excited about and launching in Q2 is our Freedom Hybrid PPO/RBP plan. This plan is the best of both worlds. Employers receive the savings of RBP with the security of a provider network that they are used to. It's a win-win, and it's getting more employers introduced to the benefits of reference-based pricing. And in every case, we work to be the agent and GA friendly benefits partner. If you have a client you're trying to solve a problem for, call me. Let's strategize together and come up with a solution.

Who is a good fit for Allied National?

Allied National is a good fit for employers nationwide with two to a hundred employees. We are a good fit for employers who need options for the scope of health benefits offered to employees, and if they may need to stair step into providing major medical coverage. We're a good fit for groups who want to be underwritten with a fair rate up front. We're not the company handing out average of 50% increases at renewal. We've been known to offer single digit renewals, and in some case, even a decrease. This is the result of a quality underwriting program upfront. Lastly, I would say Allied National is a good fit for employers who want easy to manage health benefits, more transparency than typically accessible to a small group, and with the opportunities to receive money back after a healthy plan year. Our groups receive 100% of any remaining dollars left over in the claims fund, another practice that sets us apart.

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Duration: 02:52

Posted: Thursday, April 7, 2022

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, 51 - 100 EEs