GoLexi is a virtual pet care benefit that provides 24/7 access to licensed veterinarians via video or phone.


What is GoLexi?

Golexi is the affordable pet telehealth benefit that can be added to any benefit program to provide pet parents with online virtual pet care through 24/7 on demand access to licensed veterinarians through our website or mobile app. Almost 70% of pet concerns can be resolved without ever leaving your home. We created GoLexi to provide an easy way for pet parents to get expert advice and guidance. There's no wait times, no drive times or hassles to visit a vet via video or phone. It's affordable, it's convenient, it's peace of mind and we're saving pet parents time, money and stress.

How is GoLexi different?

GoLexi is currently exclusively available only through a broker or a consultant. GoLexi veterinarians are trained not only for cats and dogs, but also gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and ferrets, with more pets to be added later. GoLexi can be used for saving thousands of dollars for an unnecessary urgent care visit or for training, behavioral issues, preventative care, routine care, nutrition or any pet care question on your mind. Our team of professional veterinarians have the passion, the knowledge and experience to provide the best care for your pet. In addition to servicing and caring for pets, GoLexi provides our consultants and brokers the admin tools and reports needed through an all-in-one benefit admin dashboard.

Who's a good fit for GoLexi?

Again, currently GoLexi is collaborating exclusively with brokers and consultants and for those that are committed to providing an affordable, unconventional and unique pet benefit offering, specifically for anyone looking to enhance their, or their clients benefit programs. Our mission is to help pets live their longest, happiest and healthiest lives through partnerships to deliver world class pet care. GoLexi is ready and standing by when you're ready to find out why pet parents are loving what we do and how GoLexi is like having your own personal on-call veterinarian.

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Duration: 02:31

Posted: Thursday, August 25, 2022

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