Youturn Health

Youturn Health, a virtual support program designed to help individuals and families impacted by substance misuse issues.


What is Youturn Health?

Youturn Health is a virtual solution, Chris, that bridges the gap between inaction and actually seeking treatment, for employees who are struggling with behavioral health challenges, specific to substance misuse, suicidal ideation, and providing them with the help that they need before they reach the point of crisis. The core components of our program are really threefold. One is our learning management and assessment platform, housing over 400, easy to consume videos. These videos help employees and their families better understand stress, substance misuse, and suicide. The family support is critically important, because we know 26% of employees reside in homes where addiction is present, as reported by a recent Gallup poll. Our family recovery program consists of dedicated coaches who have lived experience as a family member of a loved one who struggled with, or lost lives, due to substance misuse. And last, our peer coaching. Really our trained coaches are amazing and they understand what your employees and their families are going through. They'll help, with taking meaningful steps towards an improved quality of life.

How is Youturn Health different?

According to SAMHSA, Chris, only 10% of individuals struggling ever reach out for help. So while there are great solutions out there for those who will raise their hand, our program is really built for those that will never raise their hand and ask for help. It's confidential, it's secure, and it's an easy way for people to start their journey. We also know that the family is never truly and effectively supported. So that's a critically important part of our program, and it's at no cost, additional. In engagement, we know 75% of people who remain engaged in no matter what treatment they're in, reach recovery or remission, which is a hugely important part of this puzzle. Our evidence based approach really does support this, and allows for us to help reach these people and keep them engaged.

Who is a good fit for Youturn Health?

You know, we believe Youturn Health has a unique and differentiated approach to support any organization. We know that data supports that 30% of the workforce is either personally struggling or has a spouse or a child who's struggling. So we'd love the opportunity to compliment your existing toolkit of solutions. Supporting employees and families is something we do well. It's evidence based and we wanna make sure it's right for you.

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Duration: 02:37

Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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