MedEncentive solves the problem of low member self-management through information therapy and the trusted doctor-patient relationship, reducing ER visits, hospitalizations and per capita costs.


What is MedEncentive?

MedEncentive is an easy to implement and maintain, web-based incentive system offered to commercial insurers, self-insured employers, Medicare and Medicaid, for the purpose of accomplishing the Quadruple Aim, defined as better health, better healthcare, lower costs, and doctor-patient fulfillment, which is much easier said than done. The program accomplishes this feat with a patented process that offers financial incentives to both doctors and patients with each office visit when they access the program's website to demonstrate their understanding of recommended care and healthy behaviors, and agree to declare their adherence to those recommendations, or provide a reason for non-adherence. The kicker is that for the doctor and the patient to earn their reward, they must agree to allow the other party to have access to the responses, which in turn, evokes a series of psychosocial motivators, proven to improve health behaviors in a manner that improves health status and lowers cost, guaranteed. The program employs something called information therapy to mitigate the ill effects of inadequate health literacy, known to be one of the strongest determinants of a person's health status, life expectancy, and cost. In the process, which we call mutual accountability, the program creates a unique win-win-win proposition for the doctor, the patient, and the insurer.

How is MedEncentive different?

For over 15 years, the program has been subjected to a series of peer-reviewed and validated studies. Last year, these studies were examined by the Society of Actuaries and the Kaiser Family Foundation, and as a result, the program was selected as one of the country's most promising innovations to control healthcare cost. Also, last year, the Validation Institute certified MedEncentive as the first and only solution to achieve the Quadruple Aim in a full and normally distributed population, which is considered the holy grail of health reform. And then this year, the Validation Institute selected MedEncentive as the country's top population health management service.

Who is a good fit for MedEncentive?

Anyone seeking to promote health literacy, health systems seeking to succeed a value-based care, employers who would like to offer an attractive benefit to help recruit and retain personnel, anyone interested in promoting health equity, and last but not least, anyone seeking a method proven to improve health in a manner that guarantees to bend the overall cost curve. Let me emphasize that. Anyone seeking a method proven to improve health in a manner that bends the overall cost curve, guaranteed. In reality, that should apply to everyone, right?

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Duration: 02:55

Posted: Monday, October 24, 2022

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