TrueScripts Management Services is a pharmacist-founded, fully transparent PBM that has been revolutionizing the pharmacy benefit management industry since 2014. Our mission is to build lasting relationships by providing prescription benefit expertise at a personal and customized level to ensure optimum value at the lowest possible cost. We are committed to lowering prescription drug spend, achieving clinically effective solutions, and always delivering Amazing Care.


What is TrueScripts?

TrueScripts is a PBM. Although we have been revolutionizing the corrupt pharmacy benefit management industry since our beginning in 2014, our in-house team of experts provide education and a white glove experience so that members and clients can get the absolute most, both clinically and cost-wise out of their prescription benefits plan.

How is TrueScripts different?

Different is really in our DNA. And it's broken down into three main elements: our business model, our cost containment programs and our people who deliver amazing care. Let's start with our business model. We are a pharmacist founded and privately held with no private equity or venture capital. Additionally, we have no conflict of interest in representing our clients and members best interests, because we do not own pharmacies. While PBMs do not have any legal fiduciary responsibility for their clients, we have self-imposed one simply because this is the right thing to do. Next, our programs. While our team leverages both traditional and alternative savings solutions, our specialty care program is really the driving force behind our cost containment mastery, with TrueScripts no carve-out program is needed and no drug exclusion is required in order to obtain patient assistance. By eliminating the need for carve-out programs and blanket drug exclusions, we are eliminating disruptive pitfalls that create risks for both the client and the member. Additionally, our team looks at all forms of assistance, patient assistance programs, copay cards, and international sourcing. And then we will determine and pursue the lowest cost option. And finally, we have our people. Amazing care is our tagline and our team works to give it life every day. We have what we call our "One Ring Response", and year to date, we have answered 98.9% of incoming calls on the very first ring of the phone. This is simply unheard of in the marketplace.

Who is a good fit for TrueScripts?

We service self-funded clients of all shapes and sizes in all 50 states. If cost, service and outcomes are important to you, TrueScripts is a great fit.

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Posted: Thursday, November 4, 2021

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