OnePerfect is a mobile platform including iOS and Android mobile apps that provide on-demand, personalized wellness and motivation experiences created by top psychologists. The app enables anyone in your community to record their own insights privately and listen to surfaced solutions on topics of interest. The app surfaces wisdom and beauty to share with your employees when they need it.


What is OnePerfect?

OnePerfect is an enterprise wellness platform. The OnePerfect app is designed to shift you into a better state of mind in five to 10 minutes. During over a year of piloting OnePerfect at University of California, we found that 95% of users are able to shift into a better state of mind in five to 10 minutes. As the platform expands, the results keep getting better and users love it.

How is OnePerfect different?

OnePerfect is built from the ground up by a psychologist who is an expert in digital psychology, and it's built for one purpose. And that is again, the ability to shift you into a better state of mind. No other platform is specifically built for that. In fact, the psychologist, Dr. Sean Sullivan, developed the content for OnePerfect during 20 years of research with therapy patients. So it's absolutely unique in that way.

Who's a good fit for OnePerfect?

We started by working with healthcare companies, tech companies, HR, schools, universities. Now, we talk to everyone because not only does everyone need support with mental health, but everyone deserves it. OnePerfect is a fit for any organization who wants their community to be able to harness the power of shifting into a better state of mind, when they need to. OnePerfect, you know, really enables your community to improve at one key skill. And that is to increase your organization's overall emotional intelligence. And that is invaluable not only to organizations, but it's valuable to individuals. And it's really good for everyone.

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Duration: 02:12

Posted: Thursday, December 2, 2021

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