Benefit Sculptor

Empower brokers with Benefit Sculptor: the only small group quoting tool that turns data-driven insights into intuitive consulting magic. Simplify, strategize, and succeed in client engagement


What is Benefit Sculptor?

Benefit Sculptor is a modern approach to small group benefits quoting. So we're on a mission to modernize the small group benefits consulting experience in order to create a better benefits experience for small businesses and their employees. So in order to do that, we have this idea that we've referred to as quote to consult. And what that means is where it represents the idea that quoting is a broker's doorway to consulting opportunities, we believe that consulting is where trust is earned, relationships are formed and business is secured. So for us, it's all about placing a premium on consulting in the quoting experience.

How is Benefit Sculptor different?

Benefit Sculptor is a fresh take on the traditional small group quoting experience. Small group health insurance quoting today doesn't really look much different than it did 20 years ago. However, in the last 20 years, we've seen significant advances in all other areas of business technology. So for example, business intelligence systems that use interactive dashboards and visualizations to present insights into organizational data have become a requirement for the modern professional. And in fact, today we're moving so far that these systems are now beginning to be supported by AI. Yet brokers are still compiling quotes into similarly formatted proposals, typically spreadsheets that list a handful of products side by side with benefits laid out for comparison. This is what we call, and I'm doing air quotes here, an unsupported activity. And what that means is, is that it requires brokers and their clients to perform a lot of mental processing by looking at the data in order to make decisions. Benefit Sculptor, on the other hand, is a supported activity because it offloads the task of mental data processing and replaces it with data insights. These insights are represented as calculations, visualizations, and information that are intuitive and engaging. This means that brokers and their clients can focus on what the data means, and how the broker's recommendations will affect the client's business and employees. This approach allows brokers to focus on what the client cares about. Benefit Sculptor is also flexible, meaning that brokers can shape the data in order to respond to the conversation in real time. As clients ask questions, Benefit Sculptor can be trusted to perform the analytical work, freeing the broker's mind and attention from computation so that they can focus on their client and perform the consulting work.

Who is a good fit for Benefit Sculptor?

Anybody who represents small groups, so that's agents, brokers, agencies, general agencies, PEOs, etc.

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Duration: 02:46

Posted: Monday, February 12, 2024

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