Employers partner with Enthea to cover Ketamine Therapy through our supplemental benefit offering so employees can access our nationwide network of providers to improve treatment resistant conditions.

What is Enthea?

Enthea is pioneering insurance coverage for innovative mental health treatments, we're enabling the employer to include psychedelic assisted therapy in the healthcare packages starting with ketamine assisted therapy. Ketamine assisted therapy uniquely combines a prescribed dose of ketamine with psychotherapy and it's usually done in a clinical setting under the supervision of a trained clinician. The medicine ketamine is used as a tool to enhance the effectiveness of psychotherapy and this combined approach can accelerate and sustain the process of healing and positive change for the employee. The therapy is used to treat complex conditions such as PTSD, treatment resistant depression, substance use disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. For employers Enthea serves as the health plan administrator overseeing all aspects of the benefits. Imagine a world where we're not just treating symptoms, but we're profoundly improving the mental health of the employee. Well, many studies have shown that ketamine assisted therapy does not mask, but it actually gets to the root cause of the symptoms and in turn dramatically improves the condition.

How is Enthea different?

Enthea is the first company to build a nationwide network of high quality vetted providers that are trained specifically in treating patients with ketamine assisted therapy. And despite its strong safety profile and many clinical studies showing the high clinical efficacy, this therapy is still not covered by traditional insurance. So Enthea allows employers to add this benefit similar to how they would add a vision or a fertility benefit. And our approach, it directly addresses the root cause of the mental health issues, unlike traditional treatments that often mask symptoms and come with a lot of unwanted side effects and I'll share a pretty staggering fact with you, up to half of those with PTSD, depression, anxiety, they find little relief in conventional therapies. So this is where Enthea steps in, really filling a critical void in an employer's mental health care offerings.

Who is a good fit for Enthea?

Well, we all know that mental health doesn't discriminate. It impacts every industry, every company size and at the individual level, every race and every gender. So our mission is really to offer access to really all those that can benefit and are eligible for ketamine assisted therapy, regardless of the company size, their funding arrangement or the industry. We partner with employers that really want a mental health solution that works and we've seen remarkable results from our program. Really remarkable. 86% improvement in PTSD, 67% improvement in major depressive disorder and 65% improvement in generalized anxiety disorder. So we work with employers that understand their employees are struggling and really want a safe and clinically effective solution that actually works.

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Duration: 02:50

Posted: Monday, January 29, 2024

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