Better Speech

Better Speech provides Speech Teletherapy in affordable, effective and convenient way. We enable you to provide ST to patients & create additional revenue stream as a managed care solution.


What is Better Speech?

Thank you, Chris. Better Speech provides speech therapy to your employees or members. We're the largest online speech therapy provider in the US and our clients benefit by increasing employee productivity by up to 30%. We provide remote work communication and presentation skills, which are really important after the pandemic, and accent reduction to foreign employees, we transform people's lives by fixing speech impediments that are really crucial for developed careers. Many of us are parents, so 14% of children actually need speech therapy for speech delay or language development that impacts their success in school and career. We have more than 250 therapists treating both adults and children.

How is Better Speech different?

Better Speech is different because we're the most affordable, more than 50% lower than in-person therapy. And our service is convenient. You can do it from home or anywhere you are, and it's effective as in-person therapy. We can accommodate every size of organization, small and large, and you can start treatment exactly the same day, while other providers take one or two weeks. We're also the only provider who launched an AI speech therapist, we call her Jessica, that helps our clients between sessions and expedite their progress. That is the reason that "Forbes" voted us and ranked us as the number one online speech therapy provider, both for 2023 and 2024.

Who is a good fit for Better Speech?

Great question. So we serve small, as I mentioned, and large organizations from a public school to a large TPA. So if you are a third party administrator, a captive insurance or self-insured company, a rehab center for stroke, TBI, PEOs, employee benefit broker, or employee acceptance program, we are here to help you. You can find more information on or email us at We're here to provide you better care and to support your needs.

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Duration: 02:27

Posted: Monday, April 1, 2024

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