GoodTrust Smart Estate Planning

GoodTrust provides Smart Estate Planning as an employee benefit, protecting families and digital assets for peace of mind.


What is GoodTrust?

GoodTrust is a smart estate planning service. It's delivered as a modern employee benefit, and it's really designed to improve our overall financial wellness in the workplace. In this world, where two out of three people don't have an estate plan, and there's three of us here right now, so there's two of us that likely don't have a plan. GoodTrust steps in to fill that gap. We offer a straightforward digital solution that covers everything from wills and trusts, to powers of attorney, healthcare directives, pet directives, funeral documents, and right alongside that is a digital vault that allows you to include your online life into your estate plan.

How is GoodTrust different?

GoodTrust offers this all-in-one plan. This is a solution that has unlimited updates and no additional fees. It's a comprehensive family plan that means that your family members can enjoy the benefit at no additional cost. Our service is unique in that it integrates your online life into your estate plan. We are the only option out there that offers this capability. This helps to protect your online life and your online presence today and tomorrow. Employee engagement is at the heart of our benefit. We offer pre and post-enrollment strategy and engagement tools so that this isn't a passive benefit, but rather an active part of your financial wellness program. The benefit is universally appealing. That means it's relevant across multiple different life events from getting married to having kids, or buying a home, or retirement. With our co-branding opportunities and rolling enrollment, there's no integration. We've removed all of these operational hurdles making it easy to get started. And unlike other services that might offer something similar, that usually looks like an initial consultation. We don't focus on just starting the conversation. At GoodTrust, we provide a comprehensive end-to-end service that results in a complete estate plan with no hidden costs and no extended timelines.

Who is a good fit for GoodTrust?

GoodTrust is ideal for those companies who value financial wellness. Also, for those who are seeking meaningful, engaging benefits and for companies of any size. With over 500,000 people that we've served, and some of them you can see here, our modern estate planning solution caters to diverse workforces. This is a high-value, low-cost benefit. Let's work together to set a new standard in financial wellness and employee benefits.

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Duration: 02:59

Posted: Monday, April 1, 2024

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