Handl Health

Handl Health is a healthcare price transparency platform that instantly compares prices of insurance networks, doctors and facilities to help design and deliver affordable health benefits.


What is Handl Health?

Handl Health is a modern price transparency company. Have you wanted to use the healthcare price transparency data sets, but haven't found it in a usable or meaningful format? Well, you've met your match. At Handl Health, we gather, refine, and organize that data to provide clear answers to one of the most commonly asked questions. How much will healthcare cost? It sounds simple, but it unlocks so many powerful ways to decrease cost of care and increase access to healthcare services. So we answer this question with two products today. The first is on the plan level. We have a dashboard for plan design, and with this tool, you can compare networks, reprice claims across two to seven carriers, and benchmark rates against Medicare. The dashboard puts relevant pricing data together to create insights for brokers and their employer clients. And the second is for members of care navigators. And we offer cost estimation technology to help employees understand their out-of-pocket costs and compare prices across providers in their area. It meets CAA requirements, and can be plugged into any user interface to fuel cost estimation and healthcare service shopping.

How is Handl Health different?

So we don't claim to do everything. At Handl, we're focused on one thing, and that is data. We know the price transparency files are a mess on the surface, and we've dug into them to gather really important insights to make apples-to-apples comparisons, both at the plan level and member level. And this can save an average of 28% on healthcare spend for self-funded employers. And not only that, but we've taken the intricate billing process and unraveled it, providing pre-appointment cost calculations tailored to individual members. So by integrating their accumulators and summary plan documents, we can give them personalized cost estimates and the ability to shop for healthcare services. And lastly, our adaptability really is what sets us apart. As a data-centric company, we seamlessly integrate into existing user interfaces. So this means there's no need to transition to a different platform. We simply integrate into your current setup.

Who is a good fit for Handl Health?

Honestly, anybody serving self-funded employers. Our products are applicable for a wide range of partners looking to leverage price transparency data. We typically work with benefits brokers looking to evaluate which carrier network is best for their employer clients, as well as TPAs and benefits solutions who are looking for a consumer price comparison tool to guide their members to more affordable healthcare. So if you're looking to use healthcare price transparency data to your advantage, Handl Health is your ideal partner.

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Duration: 02:49

Posted: Monday, September 11, 2023

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