Walrus Health

Walrus is a digital pharmacy program that uses clinical pharmacists and a mobile app to help members and their prescribers optimize the long-term effectiveness and affordability of prescription drugs.


Walrus is a digital clinical pharmacy program that delivers pharmacist-led, member-endorsed, and physician-implemented changes to treatment that improve the effectiveness and affordability of prescription drugs. Chris, for decades, employers have invested in supply side strategies focused on medication procurement and pricing, but we've got serious problems on the demand side too. And patients with conditions like diabetes, depression, hypertension, asthma, and obesity are struggling with their meds. Are they the right dose? Are they being taken as intended? Are they causing unwanted side effects? At Walrus, our clinical pharmacists proactively identify and engage members who are suffering, confused and frustrated with their meds. And through the Walrus mobile app, we're able to solve these issues in partnership with prescribing physicians and then monitor treatment changes over time.

How is Walrus Health different?

Walrus is a demand-side clinical program that identifies and resolves medication issues missed by PBMs, pharmacies, and physicians. Chris, we know that we can't PA, pass through or coupon our way to better health and our personalized clinical activities are completely different from traditional PBM tools and discount programs. Walrus is also different in our engagement approach. By proactively identifying members with medication issues and then targeting them with personalized care plans, Walrus is seeing nearly 50% engagement. One other differentiator is that every interaction with Walrus is with one of our clinical pharmacists, not a nurse or a health coach. PharmDs are the most knowledgeable medication experts in healthcare and as a result, prescribing physicians agree with our recommendations nearly 90% of the time.

Who is a good fit for Walrus Health?

Walrus is for self-funded employers with at least 1000 covered lives that are looking for a measurable ROI and are disappointed with the engagement in their current condition management programs. Chris, I'm proud to share that Walrus guarantees a two to one ROI on drug cost savings alone, not to mention the significant long-term medical savings that accrue when drug therapy is optimized. Also, it's ridiculously simple to implement Walrus. We coordinate all of the necessary claims feeds and our pay for engagement fees can be billed through medical claims with health plans and TPAs. Finally, Walrus enables employers to treat chronic diseases holistically, because when you get the meds right first, condition-specific solutions can work even better.

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Duration: 02:53

Posted: Wednesday, November 15, 2023

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