Empara is a developer of mission driven healthcare technology – shaping healthcare businesses of tomorrow with hyper-intuitive solutions that make healthcare easy, rewarding and affordable.


What is Empara?

Empara is a developer of mission-driven healthcare technologies focused on lowering costs and connecting members with the right care when it matters most. What we're seeing is that healthcare businesses are looking hard at their technologies right now. They're trying to consolidate and build things under one roof. Earlier this year, we launched our health engagement platform, which is a suite of software designed to stitch together all the disconnected elements of a care ecosystem into one unified and truly integrated experience for members.

How is Empara different?

Empara is not just another health benefits app. We understand that each health benefits strategy is unique, especially in the self-funded space, and that comes from personal experience. Everyone has their own secret sauce, and that makes creating an integrated experience very difficult. But that's what we're solving for. Our platform has front end member apps in the app stores and on web, and it's powered by our partner console, which you could kind of imagine as your command center. Within the console we have benefit configuration, plan management, automated savings insights, analytics, home screen customization, and full dynamic branding. But probably our most robust feature that we're getting a lot of traction with is our multi-service messaging console. What this allows you to do is assign roles by message topic and bring together any service provider inside or outside your organization, like care navigation, pharmacy guidance, customer service, HR, you kind of name it, into one streamlined real-time chat interface on the member app.

Who is a good fit for Empara?

We partner with TPAs, brokers, employers, or really any group that needs to deliver healthcare benefits to their members. We're helping our clients lower costs by utilizing technology to make the best choice easy for members, incentivize engagement by having everything in one place, centralizing care conversations, making internal teams more efficient with their time. And for those who want the easy button, we definitely have off the shelf solutions ready to go. For those who are looking to streamline portals, internal systems, and engagement tools, we're more than willing to get under the hood to help them deliver their custom solutions really at the quality that consumers expect from modern healthcare leaders.

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Duration: 02:49

Posted: Friday, December 8, 2023

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