Virta Health

Virta Health helps people reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic conditions.


What is Virta Health?

So Virta Health is a telehealth organization that offers a treatment to reverse type 2 diabetes, as well as pre-diabetes, and obesity. And what reversal means is getting patients off of all their diabetes-specific medications, while simultaneously bringing their blood sugar down below the diabetes threshold. We do this through a combination of a nutritional therapy, based on carbohydrate restriction that's been cited by the American Diabetes Association for the last five years in a row, as well as through our own fully virtual provider-led medical group, in which we employ our own health coaches, physicians, and nurse practitioners. We also put 100% of our fees at risk tied to clinical and financial outcomes.

How is Virta Health different?

Well, if you ask a patient what the difference is between type 2 diabetes reversal and management, it's really an obvious answer to them. It's the difference between living with type 2 diabetes, and for all intents and purposes, not living with that condition. From a clinical outcomes perspective, what you see here is that the difference between reversal and management is that with management, providers are controlling patient's blood sugar through the use of high-cost diabetes medications. So you can see, either a moderate decrease or even an increase in A1C, but through increased in diabetes prescription drug costs. Virta is unique because we're able to significantly control A1C while simultaneously deprescribing patients from their medications. And as a happy side effect of this treatment, we're also able to help patients lose a lot of weight. And so patients on average are losing 31 pounds, which is about 12% of body weight at one year.

Who is a good fit for Virta Health?

So we work across all types of populations. So, you see some of the employers that we work with here, but if you look across our book of business, you'll see white-collar, blue-collar, Midwest, the South, companies who have high prevalence of type 2 diabetes and obesity, who tend to like to work with us. And in terms of the population, we recently published a health equity analysis and from a DEI perspective, we're delivering very similar outcomes across all races and ethnicities, and across all socioeconomic classes.

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Duration: 02:57

Posted: Friday, January 6, 2023

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