Arnie is a new personalized 401k — buy and sell stocks directly, hold alts, and divest from issues like fossil fuels. With advanced portfolio optimization to minimize risk and focus on returns.


What is Arnie?

Arnie is a 401K provider and we build flexible and customized 401Ks. So the way we do that is by building individual portfolios, customized to every individual's unique profile, so it is per employee. We use factor investing to build predictive machine learning models and that helps us know where risk is coming from so we can better aim to protect you from it. We also let you use up to 10% of your portfolio to buy and sell individual stocks, and all of that is commission free and tax advantaged. So you're not getting taxed on those gains. Those are getting reinvested to help your portfolio grow. We also let you divest and invest in what you believe in. So, that can be anything from wanting to divest from fossil fuels or invest in equal pay, or Japanese robotics companies. It's truly up to you and you get to make that call. We also let you hold alts and privates. So because your 401K is managed by us as a professional advisor, you can gain access to assets as an accredited investor. And so, even an IRA won't give this to you. That basically lets you hold things like private equity, crypto, securitized art in up to 10% of your portfolio. You can even hold your own company's equity in your 401K.

How is Arnie different?

Biggest difference is we build individual portfolios instead of using mutual funds. So, most 401ks just look at age as the only financial metric even though everyone's saving ability and spending needs are quite different. And so, we go much further. Instead of these massive generalized funds, we build individual portfolios with no funds designed for every individual, and no other automated 401K platform does this. We believe your 401K should react as the market changes, and so, we can rebalance daily. So, it's constantly reacting. It helps us better predict where sources of risk are coming from. And because we have unique models for every individual, we're much more ahead of the game. Even as the market goes down, your portfolio can still go up. We are also very affordable. We have no transaction fees and no added expense ratios because you're not in those added funds.

Who is a good fit for Arnie?

Anyone from financial advisors that are either 401K specific, or those just looking for custom indexing, brokers focused on benefits and retirements plans that want to differentiate from the competition, companies of any size or TPAs, 401K administrators, record keepers. We can plug into any record keeper and work with any TPA.

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Duration: 02:42

Posted: Friday, June 2, 2023

Video tags: Under 50 EEs, 51 - 100 EEs, 101 - 250 EEs