Springbuk is the health data analytics solution that equips employers and benefits advisors with the deep, immediate insights they need to sharpen strategies, improve health, and contain costs.


What is Springbuk?

Springbuk is the health intelligence and analytics platform that's trusted by over 4,900 employers across the United States. We work with brokers and consultants as well as TPAs and we go direct to the employer to make sure that we're able to serve up the information that you are taking in as a self-funded health plan. So, we have data connections with over 400 different data vendors, so TPAs, PBMs, looking at wellness, biometric, as well as onsite, near site clinic data vendors. And we really want to make sure that we serve up the actionable opportunities to use so that you spend less time trying to figure out where you've been and more time figuring out where you're going to go. Now, we know that with all that data it's important that we secure it. So, we are HITRUST certified, not just HITRUST compliant and we've also optimized our data pipeline and we have been endorsed by multiple enterprise employers. We also know that not only is finding out what program is gonna make the biggest impact is important but also on the backend understanding that you need to be able to measure those programs based on the information that you're receiving from your TPA and PBM.

How is Springbuk different?

Springbuk is patented health intelligence. So, this is really that synthesis of where should we be going based on the information that we're receiving from the TPA, PBM, where are the actionable opportunities within my population for growth and for program selection? So, we want to make sure we distill that down and tell you how many members that will impact as well as what the savings opportunity or cost savings might be attached to those different opportunities.

Who is a good fit for Springbuk?

So, the best fit that we've found is our broker consultant partners but we're also starting to work with a lot of really forward thinking TPAs, as well as those direct employers and enterprise employers that really want to understand, okay how can we actively use this data to create one, a better health plan, but two a better member experience for our people. They want to know where are the actionable opportunities so that way they can spend less time trying to dig through the mountains of data that they're getting as a self-funded health plan and really focusing on where can we start to go. So, you see that I put solution oriented is that ideal partner. The folks that aren't just saying, "Okay well there's a problem. What do we do?" These are the folks that are saying, "Okay, here's the problems. Now what are we gonna do? And this is what we're gonna do."

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Duration: 02:45

Posted: Thursday, May 25, 2023

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