Family First

Family First provides concierge, holistic caregiving solutions for employers and their employees. Our accredited Care Experts focus on how the employee is impacted and solve their caregiving burdens.

What is Family First?

Family First is a holistic white glove expert-led caregiving solution that has been around for over 30 years in different caregiving capacities. We are currently working to solve the global healthcare or the the global caregiving crisis. Today, there are over 58 million unpaid caregivers in the US alone. By 2035, there will be more people over the age of 65 than under 18. This crisis is due to people living longer with chronic conditions, and a shortage of healthcare workers in the industry. Many people do not realize they are caregivers, so we work with individuals and loved ones to uncover and solve the mental, emotional, physical, and financial challenges they are burdened with while solving their caregiving situations.

How is Family First different?

Our approach is unique as we are the only caregiving solution that focuses on getting to the root cause of the caregiving challenge, while focusing on the overall wellbeing of the caregiver. Our care expert works with our members to uncover these challenges. They are licensed and accredited and have over 20 plus years experience in some type of clinical setting. Having care experts with this expertise is critical to ensuring we are uncovering and solving the member's mental, emotional, physical, and financial challenge, while also so solving their caregiving situation. The care expert is also supported by our member app as well as our expert caregiving platform, which utilizes AI that we've applied to our 30 years of caregiving data and also gives us direct access to the care recipient's medical records, ensuring we get a holistic view of the caregiver and care recipient's situation in order to provide the best outcomes.

Who is a good fit Family First?

From a member perspective, really anyone caring for a loved one. That could be a child, significant other, a parent, a neighbor, or anybody in your life who you are caring for. From a partnership perspective, employers, health plans, within health plans, we work with commercial populations, Medicare, Medicaid. We work with insurance providers that offer things like critical illness, hospital indemnity, or other like offerings. Long-term care providers, brokers, and resellers. We are also a global solution and can help any caregiver anywhere in the world.

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Duration: 02:31

Posted: Friday, May 5, 2023

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