Adyptation provides a benefit solution that helps employers contain costs from specialty diseases while helping plan members who have specialty diseases feel their best.


What is Adyptation?

Adyptation provides a benefits solution that helps employers contain healthcare costs from specialty diseases while helping plan members who have these diseases feel their best. The cost of care for specialty diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease is really high for employers, expenses come from things like hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and specialty medications, not to mention the productivity that employers lose when employees miss work because they're sick. Our solution works like this, we save employers money right away by sourcing specialty medications for less. We save them money over time by helping these plan members get better care, which keeps them out of the hospital and their need for care at a minimum. People change their behavior with teamwork, so we pair participants with a health coach who can help them adopt better sleep, diet, and exercise to reduce disease symptoms. We also pair them with a clinical pharmacist who performs a medication review, and this ensures that the participants' medications are not needlessly toxic or wasteful. We assign them a patient advocate who takes care of everything from scheduling appointments to ordering medications, so the participant can focus on getting better. And on top of all this, we leverage enhanced analytics to help people with these diseases reach remission. Participants connect a Fitbit Watch or an Oura Ring to our technology, which monitors treatment effectiveness and lifestyle behaviors, and this enables health coaches and specialists to personalize care, so that each participant can achieve the best possible outcomes.

How is Adyptation different?

We are different in three ways. One, we focus on plan members with specialty diseases. Two, we offer a total solution to the problem of how expensive these diseases are, it's not just immediate financial relief, we also help employers over the long haul by empowering employees with lifestyle medicine, which simply includes things like good diet, sleep, and exercise. Science shows that those healthy lifestyle behaviors are an important part of improving symptoms, and again, our health coaches and specialists can use our technology to personalize care, so that each participants can feel their best. And three, we are changing the game with advanced analytics, we have proprietary algorithms and machine learning models that we use to unlock more effective treatments, so that more people can reach better health faster.

Who is a good fit for Adyptation?

Our solution is good for people who have specialty diseases, because it can help them feel their best, it's good for employers, because it reduces costs related to these diseases, and it's good for brokers, because they get an innovative tool that solves a real problem for their clients.

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Duration: 02:38

Posted: Wednesday, July 5, 2023

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