BenefitsApp Inc.

BenefitsApp enables a mobile strategy for brokers and their clients with a cost effective, easy to use, configurable mobile benefits app.


What is BenefitsApp?

BenefitsApp is the fastest, least expensive path to a mobile app strategy for brokers and their clients. BenefitsApp features benefits information where brokers and employers can streamline control and provide easy, direct access to information employees need where they live, which is on their phone. For brokers, we are a technology partner. We built BenefitsApp for brokers. We provide brokers with an easy to deploy, cost-effective solution for critical need in the market today. We work with brokers of all sizes. We are their mobile app team. For employers, we're a communication platform for messaging, mobile messaging, including SMS, Push and in-app messages. For employees, it's easy access to benefits, digital ID cards, elections, balances, transactions. For the employee and their spouses, we are a resource for benefit information and a path for secure HIPAA compliant communication with HR teams. Overall, we are a full service organization from receipt of content to release of apps to employees can be within less than a week.

How is BenefitsApp different?

So BenefitsApp is a framework and a platform. BenefitsApp is a flexible, fast and affordable app product that's easy to use. It can be customized for the most sophisticated broker, employer needs. BenefitsApp is the only solution that offers a white label solution to brokers. If a broker wants their own presence on the App Store, their own button on the phone, we can do that. We're constantly innovating. We're very excited about our new feature called Ask Nancy. It's a ChatGPT, AI driven, virtual team member. We use ChatGPT to index all benefits information and offer an interactive, natural language feature where employees can ask Nancy about their benefits. It's a game changer using the latest technology in artificial intelligence for benefits.

Who is a good fit for BenefitsApp?

Any broker of any size seeking a mobile app strategy for their clients. They sign a contract today and their clients could have a BenefitsApp tomorrow.

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Duration: 02:20

Posted: Thursday, July 27, 2023

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