Benistar Group Retiree Health Solutions

We provide Group Retiree Medical, Advantage and Prescription Drug solutions for Broker/Agent/Consultant clients:

• Publicly / private companies
• Labor Unions
• City / County Government entities
• Educational Organizations
• Religious Organizations



We are a third party administrator slash broker's broker and we specialize in working with post 65 retiree benefits. So we work with agents, brokers, consultants all over the country and help them with retiree carve outs for their post 65 retirees. The main products are Group Medicare Supplement, Group Medicare Advantage, and EGWP, which stands for employer group waiver plans on the part D side. It's a neat program in that there's no deductible, no donut hole, we can customize even the medical and the RX plans together, and really just put an all around great solution for groups that are trying to move that risk off, and I can get into that a little bit later as well.

How is BENISTAR different?

Yes, so we actually have some exclusive arrangements with carriers all over the country and put together some good exclusive programs that not only can they be pulled, but we, like I said we can customize them as well, and it's a really good solution for them in that they can carve those retirees out and provide depending on the contribution strategy, and there can even be no contribution, it really helps them with their accounting liabilities where you can actually eliminate it or at least isolate it because all the plans we do are fully insured and some of the programs are, they're good enough to where even our competition comes to us, and they're not gonna tell everyone that obviously, but they come to us when they need to get some really top notch programs to carve out those retirees.

Who is a good fit for BENISTAR?

It's really any employer, municipality, union, school district, or university with two or more retirees and the spouses count on this, so it's really based upon belly buttons, and we work with groups, like I said, all over the country and with brokers all over the country, so really a good all around solution, and we kind of come with it as a team and a strategy level to really put together a really good program

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Duration: 02:34

Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2022

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