Plansight is a platform that allows brokers and carriers to collaborate and better manage the RFP process from start to finish.


What is Plansight?

Plansight is a technology company. We have a web-based platform for the benefits industry. Plansight is really a lot of things. It's everything from an RFP distribution platform to a workflow management tool. But I think for the purposes of staying under three minutes, we can say Plansight is a one-stop solution for brokers to purchase benefits for employers of any size. We do it in a transparent, objective, and competitive environment.

How is Plansight different?

Plansight is the only tip-to-tail, start-to-finish solution that manages the entire benefit lifecycle. In step one, we manage all your in-force benefits with a consistent data structure that we can share with other platforms that many agencies already use. Step two, the benefits can go out to market for more than 20 different benefit types and a growing number of point solutions within the platform. We actually connect you to your carriers. And step three, because of the consistent data structure, the platform is able to instantly build side-by-side comparisons to the quotes. The system produces on-screen reports of things like market responses, even build your entire benefit budget automatically. And in step four, Plansight builds a best-in-class client presentation. Your team doesn't have to spend time checking formulas and building spreadsheets. They just decide which options they wanna show to your clients, and the system automatically adjusts and outputs a presentation. Then step five, Plansight allows your team to curate a full benefit budget for your client, project claims, build contributions, enrollment scenarios, and when you have it all put together, you make your elections right in the platform and we notify the carriers. And after these elections are made, we can share the plan data with other systems. Then next year, your RFP's already ready to go.

Who is a good fit for Plansight?

Plansight is good for forward-thinking brokerages looking to be more efficient. We work with ABC shops, all the way to smaller boutique shops. Technology has really changed almost everything we do in our regular lives and the procurement and sales process for employee benefits is finally catching up. Plansight is for companies that wanna do more in less time.

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Duration: 02:26

Posted: Monday, February 21, 2022

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