Questis transforms businesses into life-changing employers by solving the root causes of employee financial stress with technology and 1v1 coaching.

What is Questis?

Questis is a complete personal finance solution for businesses that transform employees' relationships with money and really targets the root causes of financial stress. We're on a mission to help people focus on the things that matter most, transforming money mindsets, aligning spending with beliefs, and cultivating sustainable behavior change along the way. Our innovative solution meets people at their paycheck with a combination of accessible do-it-yourself technology and empathetic coaching by humans, not chatbots.

How is Questis different?

There are really three things, Chris. Number one, Questis is holistic. Most of the messages people are getting around money today are attempting to sell them something without any context. To offer good guidance, you have to know the whole person. That's why we built Questis as a holistic financial empowerment solution. We combine technology with our diverse network of empathetic financial coaches for real-time support and accountability that drives sustainable behavior change. Our coaches provide unbiased guidance on a variety of topics, as well as help employees, understand the full spectrum of their benefits. The second thing is Questis Communities. Later this year, we'll be launching Questis Communities, which will really set us apart from other financial wellness solutions in the market. Questis Communities is a mobile-first online forum that brings together people who are motivated to transform their relationship to money and to share their experiences and ask questions and learn from experts so they can work together to change how they think about money and master better financial habits in an inclusive, confidential environment. And last but not least, reporting. In order to provide value and insight, Questis delivers workforce reporting to employers and brokers. On a quarterly basis, we are able to pull de-identified employee information to show the usage improvement and overall financial health in the workforce.

Who is a good fit for Questis?

At the end of the day, Questis is a good fit for brokers and employers who care. People need access to personalized holistic help that's actually good for them. And what's good for people is also good for employers, brokers, and the world, for that sake. By providing Questis, brokers can strengthen client loyalty, win new business and demonstrate ROI, ultimately creating value in every direction. We work with a wide range of businesses from small to midsize enterprises to increase employee wellbeing, support benefit adoption, and engagement, and retain top talent. Employees that utilize Questis are 33% more likely to stay at their company. With Questis, people can heal their relationships with money so that they can thrive in their roles and bring their us performance to work.

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Duration: 02:35

Posted: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Video tags: 101 - 250 EEs, 251 - 500 EEs, 501 - 1000 EEs, 1001 - 2500 EEs