Evolution Healthcare

Evolution Healthcare transitions fully insured and level funded mid market employer groups into a true, partially self-funded arrangement that looks and feels like a fully insured plan.


What is Evolution Healthcare?

Evolution Healthcare specializes in moving fully-insured and level-funded employers into a partially self-funded solution with an easy-to-understand bundle approach. We're built top down to look and feel fully-insured, while still offering all the benefits that come from a self-funded plan, such as improved cashflow, access to data, and ability to control plan design. Further, our commitment is to be the last healthcare plan you will ever need because of the way our model is built. And I'll explain that in your next question.

How is Evolution Healthcare different?

Evolution Healthcare is different simply because we bring intentionality back into the employer's healthcare plan. Our just-add-water approach to healthcare offers the traditional integrated carrier model experience, both the flexibility and plug-and-play approach seen when using a standalone CPA. We bring the best of both models under one chassis. With Evolution as your healthcare administrator, we provide the glue to make you a completely customized self-funded plan integrated and connected. Most traditional carriers box you into one network, their own; one PBM, their own; and often one reinsure, their own. For the most traditional TP are too agnostic with the puzzle pieces. We offer the best of both models and only leverage vetted reinsures networks and PBMs dedicated to improving claims cost and spending. This approach allows us to strip down to plan components and rebuild them back to the tailored approach that the employer is looking for while still offering a seamless experience.

Who's a good fit for our Evolution healthcare?

From a numbers and practical standpoint, a good fit for us is one with at least $800,000 and fully insured our level-funded equivalent premium. Bonus points I will say for any group with a year-over-year renewal that is in the high to single, that is in the single to low double digits and existing self-funding group is not a good fit for us, but Chris, a good fit is more than just premium. Healthcare is not a commodity and shouldn't be treated like it. Philosophically, a good fit for Evolution Healthcare is a group of brokers that agrees that the healthcare strategy is not transactional and does not simply chase rate year after year. We provide an acquisition model and find our best groups to be those who understand self-funding as a multi-year plan. Specifically, we value groups that are ready to build their own plan, leveraging tools we offer to improve member experience and you sell funding as a long-term process.

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Duration: 02:25

Posted: Thursday, February 3, 2022

Video tags: 51 - 100 EEs, 101 - 250 EEs, 251 - 500 EEs, 501 - 1000 EEs, 1001 - 2500 EEs