Prodigy Fertility

Advanced fertility benefits + experts for sudden medical complications to improve health outcomes & save money.


What is Prodigy Fertility?

Well, Chris, a lot of people don't know that MORE Health has been helping people for years with infertility. We've navigated fertility journeys, like IVF and surrogacy, walking people through every step of the process with a lot of success and this year, our clients told us that they're looking for inclusive benefits that not only attract and retain, but also cut cost, and we've had a lot of brokers tell us, everyone is talking about fertility benefits, and it's no wonder. You know, there's a much younger workforce out there, and even a recent study showed that 77% of employees would stay at their company for fertility benefits, and 88% would consider changing jobs to access them. We listened, and we're excited to share the news today that we just launched Prodigy Fertility by MORE Health as an employee benefit. Employers can determine what types of fertility services they wanna provide or simply set a dollar amount. Our benefit includes video consultations, egg and sperm freezing, or donation, IVF, birth tourism, gestational carrier, surrogacy and more, plus our case management team walks the members through each step of their fertility journey.

How is Prodigy Fertility different?

We're going beyond traditional reproductive care to fill the gap of the world of employee benefits. Unlike other offerings, Prodigy Fertility also provides quick virtual access to a world-leading expert for sudden medical complications that may arise. That goes for mother, surrogate or child. There's no doubt that employers need to include cost containment strategies. There's a rise in pregnancy complications. The cost of claims is increasing. Newborn infant care were among the most frequent $1 million plus claims in 2021. So Prodigy Fertility addresses these issues with an inclusive benefit that keeps employees healthy and helps a company's bottom line as well.

Who is a good fit for Prodigy Fertility?

Couple of areas, Chris. One, groups that are looking to save money on their cost of claims. Two, companies that have employees in the US and abroad are also a great fit. We signed several new clients recently because of that. Three, companies looking for DEI-focused benefits. Diversity, equity and inclusion are a big deal. Lastly, Prodigy Fertility is good for groups of any size. We have flexible pricing options on a service that's simple and easy to use.

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Duration: 02:44

Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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