CheckUps by PathFinder Health

At CheckUps by PathFinder Health, we re-engineer the front end of primary care prevention – an in-home turnkey virtual annual checkup with a doctor.

What is Pathfinder Health?

Well, PathFinder Health is really addressing a major problem we have in our healthcare system today. As you know, our country suffers from a lack of healthcare prevention. Right now, it's estimated that even prior to the pandemic, 75% of Americans are foregoing their annual checkup, even though it's a covered benefit under their health plan. And we ask the majority of people, and the main reason is the entire process is just simply inconvenient. A checkup with a doctor could take weeks, months to schedule and often requires multiple steps. That's where we come in.

How is Pathfinder Health different?

So our solution really re-engineers the front end of preventive healthcare. We offer a turnkey virtual annual checkup with a doctor. So our process is simple and safe and convenient for participants to take that first vital step in prevention. We're really unique because we utilize physicians, fully integrate with an employer's health plan and our other sponsor programs, and follow up with health coaches and bill directly through the health plan. The employee experience is very simple. An employee signs up, gets the home kit in the mail. They complete the kit, simple, follow those directions, and then they follow up and have that annual checkup with their doctor virtually. What's really nice about it too and what's different is, A, that we are using physicians, but it's really the most powerful piece of this, Chris, is that we're engaging those employees into the other employer sponsored programs that a company offers. So it's a great way to help folks engage that may be unengaged.

Who is a good fit for Pathfinder Health?

Really any self-funded employer group because we really truly make it, it's really plug and play. There's no real implementation, no long term contracts and no disruption to current programs because our process really sits outside of their existing systems so there's no data really to move around. There's no cost. There's no PEPM. These checkups are billed, they're already a covered benefit so they're billed through the health plan. And employers are gonna save money if they were doing traditional biometric screens. So again, any self-funded employer group who is truly wanting to increase their preventive care is a great fit for PathFinder.

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Duration: 02:50

Posted: Saturday, July 23, 2022

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