PeakMed Direct Primary Care

DPC provider network, administrator & platform to scale & standardize a DPC solution on behalf of the advisor & TPA.


What is PeakMed?

We are a pure direct primary care provider network and administrators specializing in the self-funded employer space offering onsite and near-site strategies. We offer everything you expect from DPC. No out of pocket for members and no claim is ever generated when seeking care with PeakMed. Employees have 24/7 access to their own provider. Same day, next day appointments, both in person or virtual to allow employees to get the care they need when they need it to avoid unnecessary ER visits. We offer labs, in-house pharmacy, behavioral health and specialty care network. We manage the full continuum of care. We are a complete unbundled primary care solution that works directly for employers allowing our advisor partners to optimize their health plan strategy.

How is PeakMed different?

Through years of experience, we have identified best practices on what it takes to partner with advisors in the employer space to deliver a scalable and standardized DPC solution proven to be successful. We are in over 25 states and growing. We build and manage a DPC solution on behalf of the advisor and TPA eliminating all the administrative burdens. Our clinical team ensures we can standardize access points, pricing, scope of services and quality of care regardless of geography. We then package this solution in a proposal that allows the advisor to confidently present this as a ready to go turnkey solution for their client. We then manage the solution under the PeakMed umbrella allowing us to become the single point of contact for the advisor, client, TPA and plan members for all things DPC. We have a data solution platform that performs advanced DPC cohort analysis that allows us to integrate with the advisor and TPA. And most importantly allows us to take that data and make it clinically actionable at the primary care level.

Who is a good fit for PeakMed?

Everyone benefits from a PeakMed solution. But where we specialize in is working with a forward thinking advisor in a self-funded employer space ranging from 50 to 2000 plus employees. Where the advisor is ready for an unbundled primary care solution where our entire purpose is to optimize their health plan strategy and execute based on their health plan designs. Lastly, we are an excellent employee recruitment and retention tool. By offering PeakMed to the non-benefited employees such as part-time workers or those with no major medical offering. For advisors, offering PeakMed Direct Primary Care will create your own level of client retention within your existing book of business. Introducing this to prospects in the RFP process will create a differentiator for you amongst your competition, giving you a better chance to win that BOR.

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Duration: 02:46

Posted: Friday, July 1, 2022

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