Empathy was created with one mission in mind: to help families deal with loss. With a combination of technology and human support, Empathy helps with all the logistical challenges after a loss.


What is Empathy?

So, Empathy is a mission-based platform that is here to help families deal with loss by really creating a better space in the bereavement area and do that via technology, but also personal assistance. So, if you think about what families go through today in terms of coping with a loss and trying to really figure out how to put one foot in front of the other, there's not a lot of guidance, there's not a lot of support that is available. And so, Empathy has entered into this space to craft better and create a more effective, more efficient, but also highly supported pathway forward for families.

How is Empathy different?

So, again, if you think about going through a loss today, oftentimes you are either sitting with very close family members or trying to deal with this across state lines. And there's a lot to cope with, deal with, and obviously, most individuals are not subject-matter experts in this field. So, you don't even know where to put your first foot forward, much less the next. And that is where Empathy, with your input, creates a guided pathway to understand all of the different components of the loss and what might need to be done next, and in a bite-sized manner. So, again, you can see dealing with grief, funeral planning, probate, maybe selling a house, there's a lot of challenges, accounts to close, in any situation. And so, Empathy builds that pathway for you and also provides a one-to-one care manager support that can also be there to talk you through some of these challenges.

Who is a good fit for Empathy?

So, in our estimate, everyone is a good fit for Empathy that is coping with a loss. And so, what that means for our employer partners or even agencies is if there is a lack of benefit there, if there's really only three or five days time in order to cope with a situation that is very emotional and raw, Empathy is here to assist and here to put a benefit forward to those dealing with that situation. And so, you can see all of the things that we help with, you've heard some of them. But just know that rather than just being able to send a card or a hearty kind of grief message, you now also have the ability to put a benefit in front of those that might need it at a time that is very impactful to them.

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Duration: 02:45

Posted: Thursday, October 27, 2022

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