Large Prescription Benefits Managers are becoming more RIGID. We remain NIMBLE. We design prescription benefits that align with the needs of the plan sponsor and the employee population they serve.


What is Appro-Rx?

Appro-Rx is a truly transparent, pass-through prescription benefit manager. Our job is to manage your prescription plan. We negotiate the best price group prescriptions and pass all discounts and rebates back to the plan. It's that simple. There are no hidden revenue streams that incentivize us to design a formulary that does anything but give your employees the right drug at the right price. We achieve this through clearly worded contracts that guarantee price integrity. We do not participate in spread pricing or rebate chasing. In most cases, the bigger the rebate, the more expensive the drug. Since we believe clinical decisions are fiduciary decisions, we consider both efficacy and price. when we design your company's formulary. The size of the rebate on the back end is only one factor in this equation. But most importantly, when rebates are prudent, we return 100% of that money to the plan. Compared to the way traditional PBMs work, this seems unbelievable, but our savings are real, and our transparency is real. We are one of the only PBMs that is certified as Transparent by the National Community Pharmacy Association.

How is Appro-Rx different?

Appro-Rx is shorthand for Appropriate Prescription. Our prior authorization process is focused on maintaining a balance between ensuring members receive the appropriate medications while also keeping overall plan costs low. In other words, we actively manage your plan to benefit your employees when they visit the pharmacy while always maintaining a fiduciary mindset for the plan sponsor. Another important differentiator is our service model. Think of us as your pharmacy benefit concierge. All of our representatives are in-house. We will not outsource your members or give them the runaround when they need answers about prescriptions. Beyond that, your HR director and CFO will be on a first-name basis with their account managers as they guide them through the onboarding process and support them personally throughout the plan term.

Who is a good fit for Appro-Rx?

We are a perfect fit for brokers with self-funded groups who want a voice in how their benefits plan is designed. There are groups out there that are frustrated with the ambiguity in their PBM contract. We help those groups create and implement a pharmacy plan that aligns with their business strategies, not ours. This doesn't stop once a plan is deployed. We remain nimble and responsive to the changing needs of your employee population throughout the entire contract.

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Posted: Friday, June 7, 2024