Leverage unique data and implement predictable renewal and go-to-market workflows to gain a competitive edge, drive growth, and deliver better client outcomes.

What is ThreeFlow?

ThreeFlow is a benefits placement system. We help brokers simplify the renewal and RFP process through a tech-first approach without sacrificing revenue control or relationships with their carriers. There are major inefficiencies in how most brokers work with their carriers today because most are still using spreadsheets and email-driven workflows. Core to ThreeFlow's approach is automating these workflows by passing renewal and RFP data directly into their agency management systems, rating and quoting systems, and CRMs. And in fact, we're called ThreeFlow because we exist to enable the flow of this information between broker and carrier in service of the employer. With improved workflows, we surface data insights that help brokers and carriers work together more effectively and make the best recommendations possible to their clients.

How is ThreeFlow different?

There are four things. First, ThreeFlow supports the entire process in one system that both the broker and carrier share. Second, we're the only system that provides the tools necessary to enable a broker and carrier to collaborate across the entire journey. That includes scheduling the collection of renewal, sending out an RFP, managing Q&A, analyzing responses, negotiating, presenting, and ultimately selecting a carrier in a predictable, repeatable manner. 85% of brokers tell us that they wish they had more time to focus on benefit strategy, and we help them do that. Third, we're purpose-built for the industry, and so we have purpose-built integrations. For connected carriers, we automate the delivery of RFP and renewal requests straight into their systems and receive their quotes straight back. For connected brokers, we automate the delivery of sold plan decisions straight into their agency management systems for tighter record keeping and better revenue planning. And fourth, we provide all of our customers a bird's eye view of their performance on the platform so they can improve over time.

Who is a good fit for ThreeFlow?

Any benefit broker or carrier looking to modernize the way that they handle the placement process should reach out to us. We're especially a great fit for firms in the mid to large market. And we should be the very first call for any broker who is seeking to use technology to centralize the placement process through the creation of a center of excellence. To learn more, visit, or to book a demo, visit

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Duration: 02:45

Posted: Sunday, March 10, 2024

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