SHARx removes barriers to healthcare through world-class supply chain management, procurement solutions, and education because we believe that healthcare should work for everyone.


What is SHARx?

SHARx is a medication procurement optimization service founded by two former benefit consultants. In working directly with self-funded employers for over a decade, I saw how broken our system was crippling employers, and as a parent of two boys with medication costs approaching a million dollars per child, I've also seen how difficult the system is to navigate, when all you want is to make sure your kids have the treatment they need to survive. At SHARx, we believe that healthcare should work for everyone. We do this by providing affordable access to life-saving and life-altering medications. We remove barriers to accessing these medications for our members by providing medications at no costs and eliminating the burden of dealing with insurance. Our service is integrated with our PBM partners to proactively identify those members eligible for the program. We use a white glove concierge approach to provide amazing support for our members and our proprietary technology allows us to work with employers of all sizes.

How is SHARx different?

We have a very broad scope of service, which includes all high cost medications above a defined cost threshold, which is often $350 for a 30-day supply. We do have the flexibility to customize our program for groups that are only interested in specialty medications or infusions, for example. We are an ecosystem of best practices by leveraging all known sourcing options for our members, including patient assistance, cash-based pharmacies, and foundations. We don't believe in profiting on the problem with the percentage of savings, so instead, we charge a fair and transparent admin fee for our service. We also include a positive ROI guarantee, along with no termination penalties. We do this to make sure that there is no risk of loss for our clients and to create accountability to deliver results as soon as possible. Our technology platform ensures an optimized member experience, along with giving real time insight for our consultant partners and employers. Because of our robust offering, when our client partners opt out of using insurance for high cost medications and partner with SHARx, they're seeing over $140 net savings per employee per month, which equates to around $1,700 per employee per year. In addition to the thousands of dollars their employees are saving in out-of-pocket costs.

Who is a good fit for SHARx?

Employers that care about their employees, but can't afford to absorb increases caused by medications. Employers that are fed up with the price gouging of Big Pharma and public entities that can no longer ignore how much benefits is dominating their budgets at the expense of other departments and services.

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Duration: 02:33

Posted: Monday, March 4, 2024

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