Conifer Health

The Conifer Personal Health Management (PHM) program is a fresh take on traditional episodic case management that combines Case Management and proactive Care Management into a single solution.


What is Conifer Health?

Thanks, Chris. Conifer Health is a personalized, holistic approach to care management, focusing on anything from acute needs to chronic conditions, but really taking a sharp look at their coordination and navigation needs. We've served over a million lives today, and actually recently 1.2 million, bump that up, and we're in 50 states.

How is Conifer Health different?

You know, I think aside from our personal health nurses really building relationships and focusing on trust, it really starts with the technology that we empower them with. You know, we have a proprietary risk stratification, which, of course, is not unique in the market to have risk stratification. The way we do it is a little bit unique. We look at both the current risk and the emerging risk, and that's being powered by something we call diagnostic class hierarchy. That is a tool that we built in-house. It allows us to identify what conditions and how people consume healthcare are leading to future risk, and this really empowers our nurses to understand the whole picture of what's going on. And then the third thing that I think makes us different is really how well we, we collaborate with other vendors. How well do you play in the sandbox? We learned years ago that you can be resistant to other vendors. We found that what's best for the members is to help the other vendors succeed. If people have a need and another vendor can help them, we want to get them there, and their need is what's most important to us.

Who is a good fit for Conifer Health?

As you can see here, we have a wide array. Anything from provider-based employers, third-party administrators, Taft Hartley Union Funds, and we work a lot with brokers and consultants. But our largest footprint is in Taft Hartley in labor with over 800,000 lives. What we've found is that our approach to care management and wrapping a person and a relationship around their needs really resonates with that population. Coordination and navigation are a huge issue for them, especially when they work on shifts, and we help solve those problems. So it's been a wonderful marriage for us, and we're really proud of it.

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Duration: 02:17

Posted: Friday, April 26, 2024

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