Samaritan Fund Program

We connect people with serious medical conditions with financial assistance to help them in their time of need, while saving the group plan the cost of their claims.


What is Samaritan Fund Program?

The Samaritan Fund Program provides financial assistance for people facing serious high-cost health conditions. It's also a powerful risk mitigation tool. Even with good insurance, many people struggle with the cost of their care. Premiums, deductibles, co-insurance are enough to financially overwhelm many individuals and families. Sadly, when faced with a severe illness, most people are first concerned with the cost of their care, and second is the actual disease. This shouldn't be. The Samaritan Fund Program eliminates this anxiety by giving funds to pay for all of our participants' medical costs. We source these funds through independent third parties that we call Samaritans. The amount of funds that we source is enough to cover our participants' premiums and up to their out-of-pocket maximum. The amount varies, but we source, on average, about $30,000 per participant, and in most cases, that's a life-changing amount of money for people in these difficult times. The funds are made available through our Samaritan Fund Program Visa debit card that allows people to make direct payments and ease of use of the funds. With their financial worries satisfied, our participants can focus on more important things, giving them the peace of mind to heal. In addition to having their employees' help in a time where they need it most, employers also reap tremendous savings as their high-dollar claims leave the plan voluntarily. It's a win for everybody.

How is Samaritan Fund Program different?

The Samaritan Fund Program is unique because we are the pioneers on what we do. There are no costs to implement. We only charge if we're successful in each case. The potential savings are tremendous, where in many cases, we see a majority of the total claims leave the plan. But most importantly, we're making a difference, a life-changing difference, for people facing challenging situations.

Who is a good fit for Samaritan Fund Program?

All plans have people that are high claims or has someone in need. The Samaritan Fund Program is a good fit for groups with high cost claimants, over $50,000, self-funded, and fully-insured groups, but also it's just for employers that want to help their employees that are facing difficult times.

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Duration: 02:37

Posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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