Venteur provides an end-to-end ICHRA solution focused on the employee experience with AI decision support tool, live enrollment support and monthly premium payments made on behalf of the employee.


What is Venteur?

Venteur is an ICHRA administrator making the entire ICHRA process seamless for both the employer and the employee. ICHRA is becoming more prevalent as an option to the group health plans, offering employees health plan choices to meet their family needs and financial means, and providing the employer the ability to manage their healthcare costs and budget. We're proud of our growth as we approach our second enrollment season with over 6,000 covered lives enrolled in our portal, saving the companies over $10 million to date by switching from a group health plan model to an ICHRA solution.

How is Venteur different?

We're different because we're focused on the employee experience, knowing this is a critical component to an ICHRA plan's success. With our AI decision support tools using over 30 years of claims data and payroll, the employee is provided with a few suggested health plans to fit their circumstances, and the ability to view all individual plans available to them. We have an enrollment team at the ready though to help them with their decision and enrollment. Our health wallet is unique, providing the ability to put any surplus ICHRA contributions not used for the medical premiums into an account to pay for out-of-pocket costs, such as deductibles, co-payments and other qualified medical expenses. Our services don't end after enrollment. We provide year-round support for the employees, whether it's a claim issue or assist with the prescription formularies. And we make the premium payments on behalf of the employee. No ongoing additional responsibilities for the employee to manage. The ICHRA payment feels like a group health plan for both the employer and the employees. For the group, we take care of the compliance requirements. Full end-to-end ICHRA administration.

Who is a good fit for Venteur?

Those at-risk groups that are experiencing large renewal increases or groups with low participation can be a good fit. Association and franchises are interested and they're getting involved with ICHRA. Certain industries we see leaning into the ICHRA solution from healthcare, the service industry, construction, delivery, retail, hospitality, restaurants and nonprofits. ICHRA works for certain employee demographics, multi-generational workforce, remote workers, a mix of salary and hourly employee population, lower paid workers and high turnover. We're here to assist you to determine whether an ICHRA approach is the right solution for your clients or your prospects.

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Duration: 02:53

Posted: Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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