MedOne Pharmacy Benefit Solutions

MedOne offers a performance-based PBM model with fully disclosed and aligned fees only charged if we deliver the savings promised.


What is MedOne Pharmacy Benefit Solutions?

Yeah thanks, Chris. MedOne is a performance-based pharmacy benefit solution. We focus on the overall impact we make on the all around PBM experience. And, it begins with our roots. While we were started 24 years ago in 1999, our initial roots go all the way back to 1904 in retail community pharmacy. These roots are very important to us as we remain private and family owned today. This is unique in the PBM space, and we're passionate about this family focused culture in treating our partners and customers like family.

How is MedOne Pharmacy Benefit Solutions different?

Well, I just mentioned how our roots in being private and family owned are important. It makes us unique. Let me highlight two key areas that helps us be different in the marketplace. First, is with our business model. The typical PBM either generates spread or a transparent fee regardless of their performance. They often win, no matter what. We don't believe that's appropriate. MedOne only earns its disclosed revenue, when we deliver on our promise to reduce overall net spend for the plan sponsor. Our willingness to go at risk is pushing the industry toward a true value-based pharmacy benefit offering, focusing on cost, outcomes and satisfaction. That's the way a health benefit should be measured. Second, we are different because of our service model, and the overall experience we provide. There are so many PBMs, and many that rely on third party services to deliver. MedOne has spent years focusing on bringing all of our capabilities in-house to reduce our administrative costs and provide a flexible, nimble and responsive service experience. We say what we do, and we do what we say. We are not afraid to share the why about a plan sponsors spend, and allow customers to do something about it. Success in managing this space and managing Rx spend is not a one size fits all, or a set it and forget it approach. You need to have a focused close relationship and be aligned together with your PBM and across all stakeholders to craft the right strategy for each customer.

Who is a good fit for MedOne Pharmacy Benefit Solutions?

Yeah, we're a strong fit for all our benefit brokers and consultants who are looking for a better overall solution to managing the Rx spend challenge for their clients, improving the overall total service experience, and saving their clients money.

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Duration: 02:42

Posted: Thursday, February 16, 2023

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