Tilt is an absence management technology, solving for the common leave of absence pain points including communication, administration, compliance, coordination, leave tracking and employee support.


What is Tilt?

Yeah, Tilt is a leave of absence management technology. We're providing a scalable solution to solve for all of the common leave of absence pain points. We manage all types of leave in all 50 states, and we're offering a robust, end-to-end solution for HR, payroll, employees, and managers. So for example, if there's an employee taking a parental leave in California, or an employee going out on a medical leave in Massachusetts, Tilt manages the leave experience with communication and administration, coordination of benefits, eligibility automation, and leave tracking.

How is Tilt different?

Yeah, first, Tilt is an easy-to-use technology. The Tilt platform is providing simple and easy-to-navigate leave processes, so HR teams aren't spending countless hours managing leave of absence in spreadsheets, email chains, or calendar invites. Second, Tilt is scalable. So through integrations and tech automation, we're supporting all leave types, and creating step-by-step leave plans for each employee's unique circumstances. Third, Tilt is providing an in-house legal and compliance team. This is composed of a labor and employment attorney, other attorneys focused on FMLA and state programs, and payroll specialists. So this compliance team is not only helping Tilt stay compliant in our technology, but also providing support for our customers to be compliant with ever-changing leave laws. And finally, Tilt focuses on empathetic, one-to-one support. All of our customers, People Teams, and employees receive this. Empathy is really at the heart of our mission. So every People Team receives one-to-one support with a customer success manager, and then every employee and their manager going on a leave also receives one-to-one support with a leave success manager.

Who is a good fit for Tilt?

At Tilt, our primary focus is mid-market, and we are industry agnostic with customers in all types of industries. Many customers are coming to tilt to solve for similar pain points. So they might have a lean HR team, or they have a remote-first workforce, or multi-state employees. They also are really wanting to ensure compliance with the various federal and state leave laws. And then on top of that, many of our customers also wanna ensure a more supportive leave experience for their employees.

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Duration: 02:38

Posted: Friday, February 24, 2023

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