Xevant is an automated data analytics & reporting platform dedicated to helping pharmacy benefit organizations lower cost & improve health. We provide real-time data analytics at the Rx claims level.


What is Xevant?

Xevant is an automated data analytics and reporting platform dedicated to helping pharmacy benefit organizations lower costs and improve health. The traditional way to manage benefits has been to pull data from multiple sources, analyze that data, and then generate reports on that data. Data, which is now several months old and no longer useful. Xevant ditches that lookback approach to provide significant time and cost savings with near realtime critical insights, moving out data reporting into the future with automation that touches every aspect of the pharmacy benefit ecosystem. Look, pharmacy benefits is complex and we understand the pain felt by those who manage them. We've been there and it's why we built Xevant. After spending more than 20 years creating manual reports for PBMs, TPAs, consultants, and brokers, we developed the industry's leading automated platform to compile complete analysis, build reports, and identify specific opportunities you can act on in a matter of minutes, not months.

How is Xevant different?

We are the only platform today offering near realtime analytics at the claims level, from data consolidated from multiple sources. Xevant's suite of solutions are available on our first of its kind and ever expanding PBM data analytics platform, offering 12 key modules, 400 dashboards, and over 4,000 individual reports out of the box. Our top modules include bid logic, our all-in-one solution to reprice pharmacy claims with a few clicks, generate complex RFPs in minutes, and perform vendor evaluations almost instantly. Rebate logic, the first fully transparent rebate solution that is cutting processing payment times down by 66% while generating increased yield by as much as 40%. Pass through rebate yield is not only possible, with Xevant, it can be fast and easy, too. Alert logic. Imagine a virtual pharmacy expert analyzing claims every single day, looking for opportunities and instantly alerting you of high concern areas and where to take action. Xevant gives you the ability to perform annual reviews every day with just a few clicks.

Who is a good fit for Xevant?

Xevant is a good fit for almost anyone working in the pharmacy benefit space searching for innovative ways and tools to proactively manage contracts, utilization and spend. More specifically, brokers, consultants, health plans and TPAs looking to grow and retain business by providing a full service automated analytics platform. Our clients are experiencing incredible results and doing more for their member than ever before. I look forward to talking with the BenefitsAlly community and helping unlock their full pharmacy management potential with Xevant. Thank you.

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Duration: 02:45

Posted: Monday, May 22, 2023

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